Coming up in December…

…the Den is going to be hosting a couple of authors on their blog book tours!  I’m pleased toannounce on December 2nd, Jean Henry Mead will be interviewed about her newest mystery,A VILLAGE SHATTERED, due for release early December.  I’ve been informed by impeccable sources (okay, by Jean) that her protagonist’s name is Dana, which is a fine name for a heroine.  Jean will be here at Zhadi’s Den on December 2nd, and I’m extremely chuffed to add this will be the kick-off of her blog book tour!  Check out Jean’s website (link above) for more information on her previous books and work as a journalist.  Jean is also a fellow blogger on Make Mine Mystery and wrote a fascinating post on physic mysteries.My other guest is going to be author Marvin Wilson, promoting his book OWEN FIDDLER.Marvin will be visiting the Den on December 9th.  I will be posting a short review of the book, along with a humorous piece written by Marvin with a preface written by Owen Fiddler, the ‘world owes me a living’ protagonist of the book.  In Marvin’s own words, he is ‘a spiritualist Christian, an author, who has the audacity to write novels.’  He’s also a total nut who refers to me as ‘monkey butt.’  🙂  He is also another Make Mine Mystery team member!I will be sharing more facts about both these authors as the time draws closer for their tour stops.  No sense in spilling the beans all at once, eh?And remember, if you leave a comment before Nov. 8th, you are automatically entered in a drawing to win a copy of MURDER FOR HIRE: The Peruvian Pigeon.  That’s my book, doncha know…  🙂

6 thoughts on “Coming up in December…

  1. I generally enjoy stories which employ a psychic element. (Examples are Algernon Blackwood’s John Silence as well as Marjorie Lawrence’s Number Seven, Queer Street.) I’ll have to read A Village Shattered and find out about Alternate Dana.
    I enjoy Marvin’s blog and plan to read his book. But where did he come up with “monkey butt”? I presume it’s meant to be a compliment. LOL.

  2. Jack, you’ll have to ask Marvin where and why he came up with monkey butt in reference to me… Funny thing is, I call one of my cats ‘monkey butt!’. I take it as a compliment too… I’m not sure if A VILLAGE SHATTERED has the physic angle, but am looking forward to reading it just based on Jean’s blog writing!

  3. Hey thanks for the advance announcement post, Zeez. Really looking forward to the tour stop here. Also will be here to enjoy Jean’s interview. She’s a very interesting and talented author.

    You’re the best. Monkey Butt (smile)

  4. haha – i call my cat monkey butt & poodle butt. i have no idea why.

    i look forward to reading these!!

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