A Brief Respite

As you all know (‘all’ being you kind people who follow my adventures via my blog posts), I have been working on a non-fiction book, What Women Really Want in Bed, along with fellow author and childhood friend Cynthia Gentry.

The draft is due the end of President’s Day Weeked, so when I’m not at my day job, I’m working on my chapters for this book.  Okay, I took last night off ’cause it was my birthday and there was champagne to drink, friends to hang out with (they threw me a surprise party!) and presents to open (I’m up to date on The Walking Dead graphic novels!). But tonight it’s back to it.

I discovered this weekend that good zombie movies (as opposed to ones like Zombie Night or The Dead Live, which are so bad, they have their own drinking games now) are the perfect background for working on this project.  I’ve seen them all, so they don’t distract me too much and I can focus on the work.  However, they also provide a backdrop that prevents me from getting glazed or eye-strain from staring at quotes and my computer screen hours at a time.  I know, I know…I’m weird.  But hey, it works!

Tonight, however, instead of zombie movies, I turned on the TV and found Zorro, The Gay Blade on the Fox Movie Channel.  Truly George Hamilton’s finest hour…well, hour and a half or however long it runs.  “Remember, my people…there is no crime in being poor…only in dressing poorly!”

This movie cheers me up no matter how depressed I might be…perks me up when tired…and makes me giggle every time Zorro’s FAbulous brother Bunny shows up in one of his brightly colored Zorro outfits with matching fringe on his gold hat.

Okay…back to work!

7 thoughts on “A Brief Respite

  1. I LOVE this movie! So many great lines, I can’t begin to count them all. I was just trying to explain this movie to a friend of mine last weekend – she hasn’t seen it. Hysterical! I knew there was a reason I liked you.

    G. Carline

  2. You have to see it to appreciate it…and to believe it. I still remember watching it the first time with my family…my mom has the best laugh – she ‘hee hee hee’s’ and when he came out in the gold with the fringe?… Such a good memory…

  3. Boy, does he look funny! Hey, I forgot to wish you a Happy Birthday! Hope you had a good one.

    When we saw Dawn of the Dead at the show years ago, it was kind of disturbing because someone rushed in and did something to one of the patrons and that person was carried out in a stretcher! Talk about movies coming to life.

    Morgan Mandel

  4. nu uh, his finest hour was Love at First Bite right at the end where he and the girl turn into rubber squeaky bats on elastic.

  5. Ah, Adele, I loved LAFB too, but Zorro…it just kills me every time.

    Mom, I recognize that ‘hee hee hee!’

    Marvin, you’re never too old to learn new tricks!

    Morgan, I remember the first time I saw it, it scared the hell out of me…but now I can eat spaghetti whilst watching people get their entrails pulled out… this worries me.

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