What If…

I just posted on my Ravenous Romance author blog…would you all be sweethearts and go check it out here?  I swear I will write something completely different for this blog tomorrow.  I’m trying not to cross post too much…but I do have to work on What Women Really Want in Bed tonight, so I had to choose my posting forum.

If you do meander over to check out the RR post, do please leave comments!  They’re half the fun!

8 thoughts on “What If…

  1. MM, you are bad! As a matter of fact, my boyfriend is working on it with me. 🙂

    Jen…they’re all trying to get us to eat chocolate. I am weak, I confess…

    Hi, Peggy! Yup, that would remind most people of me… I would be hard put to prosecute if I were the judge handling that case… 🙂

    Heh..Morgan it did take there, but yes, I so agree with you!

  2. It’s kind of annoying, Jen. Even when I don’t sign in, it automatically signs me in when I go to my blog. So… I have Dave send me the urls if I want to link to ’em!

  3. What if Curette had to kidnap Hillary Clinton, then disguise herself as H.C.in order to further her plan to take over the Earth? (Yeah, I know it’s as fragrant as a outhouse in high summer, aside from the fact that Curette would never settle for the title of “mere” president. We’d wind up with our first planetary queen. Boy wouldn’t THAT delight the feminist movement?)
    Seriously, it’s a great idea. I’m looking forward to the eventual novel. The edge of the cosmos is your limit! Soar!

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