When I’m not Writing or working on the Blog Tour…

 I’m making driftwood art from things found on Ocean Beach near my house.  This one is an exception in that I used some bits and pieces from my step-grandma’s shell collection, which I inherited.  I needed a few eldritch items to make sure Cthulhu had the proper stygian, elder god aura. This was for a friend’s birthday present.  She collects Cthulhu beanie babies.


This is Vino.  Dave wouldn’t let me give it away ’cause he likes the shell on the left side. It’s hanging in our kitchen!

This one is made up entirely from shells, driftwood and beach glass found on Ocean Beach.  The rope, glue and Spanish moss are store bought.  Haven’t figured out how to get glue from the beach yet!


This was made for Maureen’s birthday.  If you’ve read MURDER FOR  HIRE, think Daphne.  She’s my best friend, lives in a cottage in La Jolla and this is now the name of that cottage.

And this was made for my friend and writing partner, T. Chris Martindale.  I asked him what his favorite word was and this was his response.  😉

9 thoughts on “When I’m not Writing or working on the Blog Tour…

  1. Cthulhu…waganagl ftagn!
    Great art work. The Old One would be pleased…were he awake. Still, the stars will come right….sometime. Probably about the time of the Zombie apocalypse.
    I’ll be here on the 18th. Ought to be a very good tour. Wouldn’t miss it or I might get a visit from Curette. (Bad situation!) LOL. 😉

  2. I hope the Old One is pleased so when he DOES wake, he will protect me from the zombies! Actually I just read a novella where the zombies are Cthulhu’s advance guard. A book called Headshot Quartet. Liking it a lot so far! The quality of zombie fiction is really improving…

    Hope you like the tour! Curette will behave if you show up. 🙂

  3. Thanks, Morgan! And yeah, Shit Bird cracks me up, as does Cthulhu…

    Lisa, must spell the Old God’s name correctly…or no Old Ones Catering for you!

  4. Beautiful work Dana! I live very near the Oregon beaches as well and collect rocks, driftwood, and other flotsam and jetsam. The beach is my favorite place to be.

  5. Thank you, Wanda! I don’t think I could live away from the beach after the last couple of years…and Ocean Beach is such a great one for collecting…

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