Coming up on April 18th…

It’s the Ravenous Romance Ornery Eleven Blog Tour!

That’s right!  After weeks of grumbling on the part of Yours Truly regarding the logistical black hole that sucked me away while putting together this tour, it’s nearly ready and will be starting in 9 days!  I think.  Math is not my strong suit.

Despite all my grebbling (it’s a word.  Don’t look it up.  Just trust me.) I am quite excited about the tour.  We have eleven lusty ladies from Ravenous Romance, the exciting new erotica and erotic romance e-publisher (recently mentioned in the New York Times) touring together on a cyber bus (think Partridge Family bus, but with humorous naughty drawings on the bus instead of big daisies), visiting different blogs and talking about all sorts of things related to writing and erotica.  There will be giveaways (books, interesting and unique items from several authors, three $5 gift certificates and, to one lucky person who comments on ALL the stops, a $25 gift certificate for Ravenous Romance.  That’s five books!), so make sure to follow the entire tour!   We’ve got 13 unique sites for our stops and it’s going to be a lot of fun. Plus I’ve worked very hard on this tour, so if you’re my friend or fan, you’ll follow it to avoid my baleful glare if you don’t!

The schedule, you ask?  Here ya go.

4/18 – Zhadi’s Den – Intro Stop

4/19 – Jennifer’s Random MusingsElle Amery
4/20 – UnboundLisa Lane
4/21 – Talk About My Favorite Authors Angela Cameron
4/22 – Kissa StarlingEm Lynley
4/23 – The CountessJamaica Layne
4/24 – PNR Inklings Blog at ParaNormal Romance –  Sèphera Girón
4/25 – Wicked Thorn and RosesIsabel Roman
4/27 – Sia McKaye’s Thoughts on…Neve Black
4/29 – Bryn GreenwoodC. Margery Kempe
4/30 – Bookwenches Savannah Chase
5/1 – Neve Black Inara LaVey
5/2 – Night Owl Romances – The Fabulous Wrap Up Stop!

And don’t forget to visit our brand new Ravenous Romance author blog, set up by the fabulous Phoebe of Talk About My Favorite Authors!  Speaking of which, I owe her a post there too…  D’oh!!!

Whew!  Now back to work on the posts!

10 thoughts on “Coming up on April 18th…

  1. I’ll hold you to that!! Because now that Amazon is censoring their adult material, you’ll need to follow things like these tours to know what’s even out there. UNbelievable!!

  2. I’m in!

    Amazon is censoring?! What kind of twisted control is that? Ick!

    Loving all the stories from Ravenous so far, and I look forward to meeting more of the authors 🙂

  3. All the best for the upcoming tour. Hope you had a Happy Easter and a nice week. And thanks for stopping by my blog too. It’s great to meet another animal lover 🙂

  4. I’m going to look for that tour bus. If you’re heading down the cyber highway and hear a nut honking at you, that’s me.

    Have a great time on your tour!

  5. Sheina, it’s a weird world we live in and Amazon is helping to make it weirder and more unpleasant. Fight the Man! Glad you’re enjoying the RR stuff!

    Ailurophile, thank you for coming back to visit! I love your blog!!!

    Morgan, ‘grebbling’ is a more palatable form of complaining than ‘whining.’ Thanks for the good luck wishes!

    Helen, I’ll keep my ear out for the honking!

  6. I am absolutely going to be following the Ornery Eleven Blog Tour!! 🙂 Looks fun and a great way to meet new authors

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