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I had a signing yesterday at Barnes and Noble in Dublin (not Dublin, Ireland, more’s the pity, but Dublin, California, which seems to exist as a place to house shopping centers) as part of a Sisters in Crime (Norcal) book fair event. We had a table at the front of the store, vouchers that, if given by shoppers to the cashiers, would give SinC a small portion of the proceeds. All of the authors participating had two hour shifts, during which their books were displayed prominently on the table, along with some very nifty advertising signage (see picture below). I shared the table with Margaret Locke and then Pat Morin (both of whom I’m going to tell you more about after I read their books!) and spent a very pleasant two hours talking to fellow authors and customers. Other authors participating were Margaret Grace, Simon Wood, Peggy Dulles and Hailey Lind. I’m going to be doing mini book reviews in later posts.

Which leads me to my new vow: a book review a week of books my my fellow SinC members. I’m going to pick a day to be book review day and stick to it. I realize my vow to keep my blogroll updated has…well…not been kept, but I’m gonna get going on that too. So there!

I’m also now a part of a new group blog called Fatal Foodies, a group of mystery writers and food lovers and will be posting there every Monday. So if you like mysteries and/or food, please stop by and subscribe! I foresee a problem being a part of this group in that every post makes me very hungry. More tae-bo and yoga!

Other news…we are ‘babysitting’ another kitten, a little black/smoky gray boy whom we call either The Goblin or Bugbear. Pictures will be forthcoming. When he gets hungry and his blood sugar drops, he turns slightly psychotic and starts biting the hand that’s supposed to be feeding him. Kind of like me except for the biting part.

4 thoughts on “This and That

  1. Dana forgot to tell you how she drew in people for us at the Sisters in Crime table, with her great energy and enthusiasm. Thanks for sharing your fans, Dana!

    Camille/aka Margaret Grace
    “Murder in Miniature”

  2. Awww, thank you, Camille! I felt downright quiet and mousy next to Pat’s ball of energy self! She IS the voucher hand-out queen!!!

  3. I like the name “Bugbear”.

    Congrat’s on the book signing. It sounded like fun. Good photo too.

  4. Thanks, DW! Another possible name for the little guy is Nibbler (from FUTURAMA) or just The Piranha…

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