One of the more annoying things about working as an admin, even one with a title as lofty as Senior Administrative Coordinator/Office manager is having a work space in an area, say, like the lobby.  The place where visitors come and go, where last minute conversations take place before the ‘going’ part.  Something about having a desk in this area encourages behavior that people would not indulge in if they were in someone’s office.  Y’know…like having a cell phone conversation not just right in front of my desk, but beside, almost inside my work area.  Or people leaning on the edge of my work station right in front of my computer and me, having an extended conversation as if I were just another piece of office furniture.

What is it with people’s manners?  Is it because I’m an admin and therefore don’t really count?  My work not as important as theirs?  YOU try doing an expense report with two people using the edge of your desk as an elbow prop while they talk not two feet away from you.  It amazes me that normally polite, even considerate people can be so clueless and…well…rude.  I prefer to think they don’t realize how dehumanizing and demoralizing it is to feel invisible.  But I swear, there are days (like today) where a punching bag in the back of the office would come in very handy…and might someday save a few lives.

4 thoughts on “Grumble…

  1. Money is good. And it’s nice when you like (most of the time) your co-workers. But the more my writing opens up, the harder it is some days not to feel burned out by it all…especially when people treat me like furniture.

  2. Put a tarantula on the corner of the counter with a tiny sign that says A Little Respect Please. You know, I have a middle-aged mystery in the works about a couple of widows who become PIs… to capitalize on becoming invisible with age. You think admins have it bad… just wait. LOL.

  3. Heee! I like tarantulas too, so that would work for me.

    If I’m a middle-aged admin, I guess I’m screwed, eh?

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