Sunday Post Birthday Post

I ate too much cake.  It was a triple chocolate mousse cake with a small layer of actual cake at the bottom (the part with the forbidden wheat in it) and I had a HUGE slab of it with coffee after a bountiful lamb dinner (cooked by Rick – thank you, Rick!) and much tasty wine.  Jen had pina coladas (gack!) instead of wine.  Did I mention we were celebrating her birthday and mine (with pina coladas and tasty wine)?   Channeling Dr. Seuss here…  Anyway, too much cake on top of the wine led to an eruption of Vesuvian proportions.  Watching SKYSCRAPER back to back with MANOS, HANDS OF FATE may have also contributed to the resulting nausea.

Oh well.  I still had fun.  It was just a very Roman way of indulging.  But I think next time I’ll back off the cake and avoid the vomitorium.

I slept in this morning, happily headache and nausea free thanks to Zomig, decongestants and Dramamine, plus lots and lots of water.  The cats were thrilled and took advantage of the situation by piling on top of me.  Great way to stay warm, that.  It was storming when I woke up too, wind, rain and even some hail.  Something so lovely and cozy about a storm outside when I’m snuggled in bed under warm covers and felines.  The storm blew through around 10:00, so Boska got her walk on the beach.  Now it’s writing time, so I’m researching the flora around Lake Merced for the first scene in LILITH, my supernatural urban fantasy/thriller/mystery/romance/horror novel (how many genres can I cover in one book?) in hopes it will help my descriptive powers, which are a bit atrophied these days. go beyond ‘See Spot Run!’

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  1. “supernatural urban fantasy/thriller/mystery/romance/horror novel” now that is covering all the bases. I’m not worthy….

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