I’ve got to get through that door…

I don’t know about you, but when I get home from work, I can’t relax until all the chores that need to be done are completed.  I’m like a shark – if I don’t keep moving, I’ll sink into a sea of apathy and exhaustion.  Nothing will get done.  It doesn’t matter how late I work, how exhausted I am.  10 cats and one dog need feeding, floors need sweeping (10 cats generate a lot of pine litter dust), litter boxes need cleaning…there are usually dishes to be washed, laundry to be folded.  And if I’m REALLY lucky, one of the kids will have upchucked his/her breakfast and there will be cat vomit to be cleaned up.


I’m tired all over again.  Tonight included all of the above, btw.  And let’s not forget the recycle and garbage.

By the time I’m finished with all of these things, I’m wiped.  My brain is mush, my body exhausted and conjuring up creative energy is a challenge.  But part of being a writer is…well…actually WRITING.  Working on something.  Not just resting on my laurels (and my butt) and thinking about writing.   But dang, there are days when I wish I could put corks in my little darlings.   I won’t say which end.  I’m sure you get the idea.

5 thoughts on “I’ve got to get through that door…

  1. SNORK!

    I’ve had a rough couple of days myself (though all the kitties are fine). Trying to get some writing done now. 11:15 PM!

    Sometimes this whole thing sucks.

  2. I agonized over one descriptive sentence last night. Spent some time reading the Describers Dictionary. Finally came up with the right words, had my perfect sentence and promptly fell asleep. Oh, and I had Dave read what I’d written so far to see if it was as crappy as I thought it was. He likes it, which means I need to relax and write. After cleaning up the kitty puke, of course. Whoever got sick projectile vomited over three feet of carpet.

  3. I just learned you were out sick and popped on over to your site to see if you’d said anything about the kitties. I hope all went well at the vet and you are all ok. Oh, and if you need any info on Lake Merced, I can help out…

  4. You need help – a cleaning lady. Every two weeks is nice. You would be amazed at the difference it makes. Try it once. Come home from work to a clean house… like magic. Trust me on this one. You’ll have more time for the really important things.

    Blog looks good again, btw.


  5. Hi, Mo! I’ll be in contact re: Lake Merced…and the kitties are fine.

    Ah, Dani, having someone in once every two weeks wouldn’t even make a dent because with the amount of felines we have, the house has to be cleaned every day. Not a total mopping up, dusting cleaning, but the daily chores like sweeping, cat boxes, cat vomit cleanup (well, that’s every other day or so) and such are really what take up time. And it just has to be done. We’ve discussed having a cleaning lady and finally came to the conclusion it’d be a waste of money. Wah!

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