Ravenous Romance on HSN!!!

Okay!  My book, Ripping the Bodice, is part of the Escape with Romance collection featured on HSN tomorrow.  Ravenous co-founder Holly Schmidt will be live on HSN at 8:35 AM and 4:35 PM on Monday, September 14th, and at 3:00 AM on Tuesday, September 15th, talking about the 4 collections (paranormal, historical, contemporary & sampler pack). These times are eastern standard time, btw!  And yes, I know they have my name wrong in the Contemporary list. I am NOT Keta Diablo. But my heroine IS reading her book, Land of the Falling Stars, on the cover of MY book.  So it’s kind of a funny mistake!

I’m delighted to be included in this  opportunity and a hearty congrats to my fellow RR authors, and to Holly, Lori and Allan!   Please go check out the link to see the other authors and titles featured!

From the HSN Web Site:
“Voyage to a distant land where fantasy and passion ignite. The Escape with Romance Exclusive 6-Book Collection is a fascinating compilation of stories filled with infatuation, excitement and of course, love. These tales will evoke the internal fires that burn deep within us all. Choose from the 3 collections; the romantically nostalgic Historical genre, the futuristic and supernatural of the Paranormal genre, or the modern-day heroines of the Contemporary genre. Plus, if you can’t decide choose the Sampler, which includes 2 books from every genre, so you can get a little bit of it all. Suddenly, reading just got a lot more interesting.

13 thoughts on “Ravenous Romance on HSN!!!

  1. Hope this increases your audience (it ought to)! You’re going to get where you want to be. Believe it! It just seems to take forever. (Forget I’m your friend. I like to think I have some judgment in these matters, too. So i believe I’m an unprejudiced witness here.)
    We’re with you to the end. LOL. 🙂

  2. I hope you will still remember me when you are getting 500 comments a day. 😉 Oh and I have posted instructions for you after your last comment on unbound, get your butt back there and see what Margery and I have decided you should do with your time. 😉

  3. SNORT! I like to think of us as the cubic zirconium of romance! Or…er..something like that. No, maybe I don’t. heh.

    Adele, I will remember you no matter what! So there!
    I visited Unbound again and see you and Margery have planned my next book!

  4. yeah well, with all this fame to handle we thought you might not have time to decide your own future projects. We will continue to line them up for you, anything to help. 😉 hahahah

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