News and Announcements!

Which I guess are sort of the same thing, but put together they look so…important!

Okay, first things first!  A relative and writing critique pal of mine, Lisa Brackmann, has sold her book Rock, Paper, Tiger, an ‘existential suspense’ novel, to Soho Press and it will be released in Spring/Summer 2010!  May I hear a WOOT and other assorted noises of celebration?  The book is set in China, a country that Lisa has spent a lot of time exploring.  Visit her blog, Paper Tiger, and read more about her adventures in China and her upcoming book! Lisa’s agent is Nathan Bransford of Curtis Brown.  Who says agents don’t support and sell literary fiction? I’ve read the book in several incarnations, loved it the first time around and am happy to say it just got better and better with the subsequent drafts.  

Second, tomorrow (Wednesday the 15th) is Ravenous Romance Day on Unbound, featuring Isabel Roman, author of the historical paranormal series Dark Desires of the Druids.  Join us as Isabel talks about the suspension of disbelief!  

Other news can wait!    

3 thoughts on “News and Announcements!

  1. I will be there! So happy to see you somewhat recovered from burnout. Great news about Lisa’a book, too!
    Sounds like lots of good things happening.
    looking forward to seeing you and Isabel on Unbound. LOL. 🙂

  2. Thanks for this, Dana!!!!! I’m pretty psyched, I gotta say.

    And now to visit UNBOUND. A day late, I’m afraid. But I’m going!

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