Picture me as the cat.  Then imagine the toy as Time.  MY time.   My increasingly decreasing FREE time.  Is it any wonder I clutch it to me with teeth and claws much as Bug Bear hordes his favorite stuffed mouse?

Oh, I know what you’re thinking.  “This is just another excuse to show a cute cat picture, isn’t it, Dana?”





Maybe just a little bit.

But after taking the last week off of writing and now getting back into my schedule with a new book deadline of May 1st, I really do feel like Gollum with his Preciousss when it comes to free time.  I guard it jealously.  And unlike Bug Bear and his toy, I don’t play fetch with it.

9 thoughts on ““Mine!

  1. So what’s wrong with showing a cute cat picture? We all know who’s really in charge of things. (So do they!)
    Congrats on seizing your time. Enjoy it all to the hilt. LOL.

  2. Hey dana, really cool blog you got going here. I like you am also a cat lover, ive got three of them at home! ^_^ I know what you mean about time, I hold it very dear to me because I am usually so very busy. Thank you for posting in my blog and I am glad you enjoyed it. If you don’t mind, I would like to post your blog on my links list since you seem like a great gal. Thanks for everything and I hope to see you on my next post.

    Love, peace, and elbow-grease.

  3. Well, I am always in favor of cute cat pictures, Jack! Obviously. 🙂

    OL, wait till you see bug Bear, Sun Bear and Frohicke all playing fetch…

    Hi, Angel, absolutely please link to my blog! I’ll do the same! Thanks for visiting me too!

    I bit it, MM. It’s wriggling a lot.

    Here’s to us Time Hoarders, Sheina! And there’s a book title for you.

  4. Adorable cat! You can’t show cat pictures often enough.

    Hey, there’s another Dana book on the horizon. In about a week, Diary of Murder will be availale at Amazon and Fictionwise. Then I’m taking some time off to pack up and move. (Forgive the BSP).


  5. Hi, jean! I’m very excited about your next book and I will go check out your book trailer. I really need to do one of those…

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