10 thoughts on “Brand New Cover for Succubusted!!!

  1. Cool cover and really cool kitty! (BTW, we’ve just added two new ladies to our clan. Their names are Smoke and Ash. Their human, Carol Kinsey, died last month mainly due to a hospital foulup. Carol’s sister tried to find foster homes for them without luck until Harold Drake, who’s an old friend of ours, told us about the situation. They’ve had their shots and are clean of any diseases so we’ve just installed them in they’re new digs. The other cats appear to accept them just fine. So we, too, are very, very happy.)
    :-D. LOL!

  2. Hi…I was checking out Amazon this afternoon and you got a really nice review. Your book is on my “next” list and I’ll review it myself soon.

  3. Thank you, everyone, for your nice comments! Morgan, I was NOT tickling the cat – Hedwig, in fact, belongs to our close friends and neighbors and she was yawning. Great shot for an LOL cat!

    Ryan, thank you for adding me to your list and for the heads up on the review!

    Jack, you are my kind of people and those are two lucky kitties!

    Angel, definitely write a story and submit it to RR!!

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