Kicking off Ravenous Romance’s “Ornery Eleven” Author Tour!

Zhadi’s Den is proud to present the Ravenous Romance Ornery Eleven Author tour in their very first stop of the tour! The journey here was merry due to a variety of beverages smuggled onto the bus and the kind of behavior you’d expect from 11 rowdy writers ready to meet their public!  To kick off this event, we’ve got Holly Schmidt, co-founder and editor of Ravenous Romance to say a few words about the company and the tour!  Welcome, Holly, to Zhadi’s Den!

“Welcome to the Ravenous Romance author blog tour!  Ravenous Romance is an online publisher of erotic romance audiobooks and ebooks.  We publish novels and short stories by a number of best-selling and award-winning authors, and we feature a book a day at  On our site, you can also download a FREE short story and FREE audiobook sampler.  And we’re so sure you’ll love our books that we offer the only money-back guarantee in this business. In the four month since we launched, Ravenous Romance has been featured in The New York Times, The Sunday Times of London , Publishers Weekly, Galleycat, and Romantic Times. We’ve had reviews in dozens of romance blogs and have also received a number of great customer reviews on our site and on affiliates like Audible, Fictionwise, and Amazon, where many of our books have been bestsellers in their category. We launched December 1, 2008 and we’ve published over 150 books.  

Ravenous Romance is a partnership between three longtime publishing executives who see digital publishing as the future and erotica and romance as the most exciting categories.  On this blog tour, our amazing authors will be chatting about their books, their inspiration, and their experiences with Ravenous. We hope you enjoy the conversation.  Please join our Yahoo group for more personal interaction with our authors, sneak previews from cover photo shoots, giveways and more!”    


Thank you, Holly!  Now we’d like to introduce our Ornery Eleven authors, 11 romance and erotica writers who all bring something unique and different to Ravenous Romance’s cornucopia of sexy delights!


Elle Amery writes contemporary romance with highly descriptive, erotic love scenes. She sets her stories in small towns where what goes on behind closed doors—and sometimes out in the open—will rock your world. Elle focuses on the complex nature of her character’s personalities and the dynamic interaction that builds as two people fall head over heels in love. She lives with a menagerie of animals, both adopted and wild, in northern California


Neve Black has been writing since she can remember and opted for a degree in English Literature. She mostly enjoys writing about subjects that scratch the under-belly of society; thus her love of erotica. Her stories can be read in the on-line magazine Oysters and Chocolate, various anthologies, like Swing and the e-book publisher, Ravenous Romance, to include her first novel, Sex through the Zodiac, which was published in January, 2009. 

Angela Cameron is the author of several published works that range from paranormal romance to erotica to suspense, such as the Italian vampire Blood & Sex series. Her worlds are full of diverse characters with plenty of action. Oh, and don’t forget the tie me, slap me, and kiss me sex. She’s a huge fan of both chocolate and peanut butter. And she listens to more rock music than anyone her age probably should. 


Savannah Chase writes erotica, and she writes romance. Whether you want sweaty sex or sweet romance, she’s written just the thing for you.  Savannah started putting pen to paper as a young schoolgirl. Music inspired her to write lyrics, which eventually turned into stories. Her stories have gotten better, longer and so much more erotic as the years passed. Savannah is a member of the Romance Writers of America, Toronto Romance Writers, and Erotic Authors Association. She currently resides in Canada. Her first Ravenous Romance release is Special Delivery featured in the Men In Shorts: An Erotic Anthology.  Sèphera Girón enjoys writing about the human condition. She loves and aches with her characters and eagerly explores where their adventures may next lead. Her current work with Ravenous Romance includes five erotic books from the Sexstrology series as well as others.   



C. Margery Kempe is the pseudonym for a medieval scholar who teaches at a small liberal arts college in upstate New York.  She writes erotic romance as well as horror and fantasy, while employed as a full time English professor, for which she publishes and lectures on medieval studies, film, popular culture and creative writing at conferences nationally and internationally.  Her first novel for Ravenous Romance is the thriller Chastity Flame.


 Lisa Lane lives in Las Vegas with her husband and their two cats.  She has authored over a dozen novels and screenplays, as well as numerous short stories and essays, and she prides herself in her ability to move between different genres and formats.  Her literary influences include Olaf Stapledon, Kurt Vonnegut, and Anne Rice.  Lisa likes to keep busy, often working on multiple projects at once, and recently finished a work for hire screen adaptation for a Hugo award-winning novelette.   Inara Lavey is the romance-writing nom de plume of a San Francisco mystery writer and former B-movie actress who has lived many of the experiences she writes about in her sensuous fiction. She has traveled throughout Europe, and worked in the uncharted wilds of Hollywood as a screenwriter, a script doctor, an award-winning documentary producer, a stunt woman (her background is in theatrical sword-fighting), and actress in more than one cult classic. She has a deep passion for all things feline, and for many years has worked with her beloved tigers, leopards, jaguars and other exotic cats at an exotic feline conservation center. Another love is the sea; she adores living by the beach, surfing, strolling the strand and beachcombing. Her many friends know she can always be tempted by bad movies or good wine, preferably combined. When she is not hard at work writing or preparing for the coming zombie apocalypse, she can be found doting on her cats or swordfighting with her Irish lover.  Jamaica Layne is a hot new rising star in the erotica market. Her critically acclaimed debut erotic romance novel, Market for Love (rated FOUR STARS by Romantic Times Magazine), was released in print in October 2008 from Virgin Cheek Books, and she also has many erotic books and short stories slated to appear from Ravenous Romance over the next year, including the five-book Vital Signs series, A Capitol Affair, and Knight Moves.  Ms. Layne has also edited two bestselling erotic short story anthologies for Ravenous—-Experimental and Power Plays.  In her “other” life, she is a playwright and journalist. Her plays have received productions and staged readings at thirty-plus small and medium-sized theater companies in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, Atlanta, Boston, Phoenix, Ohio, Canada, the United Kingdom, and elsewhere. She’s also written articles for the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Reader, Cat Fancy magazine, and many other major publications. She lives near Chicago with her husband and son.  EM Lynley works in the wine industry, though she’d rather be writing hot, sexy man-on-man action. She spent 15 years as an economist and financial analyst, including a year as a White House Staff Economist, but only because all the intern positions were filled. Tired of boring herself and others with dry business reports and articles, her creative muse is back and naughtier than ever. She has lived and worked in London, Tokyo and Washington, D.C., but the San Francisco Bay Area is home for now.  

Isabel Roman has been writing fiction for several years. Her stories range all over, from Victorian Druids to 30s speakeasies to contemporaries, all with a lot of hot monkey sex. With a degree in American History, no time period is safe from her. Neither are werewolves, ghosts, or magickers as in her erotic historical paranormal series Dark Desire of the Druids. She is also an obsessive fan of the Sharpe series, science fiction, audiobooks, and her life’s blood, chocolate.

Join all of our marvelous authors and blog hosts on the tour!  Each stop will feature one author in particular, a question of the day to be answered in depth by said featured author, as well as shorter answers by the other 10 of our Ornery Eleven.  We’ll include an excerpt from one of the featured author’s books, as well as a giveaway.  Three stops will also have a surprise $5 gift certificate to Ravenous Romance, but you won’t know which stop until the tour is over.  And if you comment at all the stops, you will automatically be eligible to win a $25 gift certificate for Ravenous Romance.  That’s five e-books by your favorite authors!  Plus you’ll visit some great blogs and websites. And now the schedule for the rest of the tour!4/19 – Jennifer’s Random Musings Elle Amery
4/20 – UnboundLisa Lane
4/21 – Talk About My Favorite Authors Angela Cameron
4/22 – Kissa StarlingEm Lynley
4/23 – The CountessJamaica Layne
4/24 – PNR Inklings Blog at ParaNormal Romance –  Sèphera Girón
4/25 – Wicked Thorn and RosesIsabel Roman
4/27 – Sia McKaye’s Thoughts on…Neve Black
4/29 – Bryn GreenwoodC. Margery Kempe
4/30 – Bookwenches Savannah Chase
5/1 – Neve Black Inara LaVey
5/2 – Night Owl Romances The Fabulous Wrap Up Stop!

Remember to leave a comment; it automatically enters you to win a copy of the book of your choice from one of our Ornery Eleven!  We’ll also be giving away three $5.00 gift certificates for Ravenous on three random stops.  You won’t know which ones until the tour is over, so visit as many as you can!  And if you leave a comment on every stop in the RR Ornery Eleven BBT, you’re eligible to win a $25 gift certificate from Ravenous Romance!   And visit us on our new Ravenous author blog for the latest from Ravenous Romance’s growing number of authors!  Thanks so much for stopping by!  Please visit Jennifer’s Random Musings tomorrow, April 18th, for another question of the day and our first featured author Elle Amery! 


95 thoughts on “Kicking off Ravenous Romance’s “Ornery Eleven” Author Tour!

  1. LOL — I love the magic bus picture! That’s perfect. This is the lazy way to tour (well, for the rest of us — you’ve done all the hard work of organizing this!) but I can’t help thinking it would be a real hoot to get us all on a bus and live on cheap wine and fast food, stopping only to read from our fabulous stories and entertain readers wherever we go.

    Yee ha!

  2. I’m lovin’ the bus tour idea. Or even an RV!

    Oooo. Is there any chance we might get to invite some of the cover models on this little road trip? *eyebrow wiggle* Pllleeeeeeeease? I’m sure the readers would love to meet them.

    Alright, I’m grabbing my smuggled bottle and heading off for the next stop.


  3. Morning, ladies! I’m off for my morning walk and then back to make sure you all are behaving, since I am the tour leader. Heh. Which means I hog the sheets and blankets! 🙂
    Margery, touring would be such a fun thing in real bus…as long as there’s a bathroom on it, what with all the wine and margaritas and martinis we’re quaffing!

    Thanks, Debra! Hopefully this tour will reflect back on all the RR authors and the company as a whole. Yup, them RR authors are nuts, they’ll say! 🙂 But fun!

    Angela, of COURSE we can invite the cover models! Just not the one that looks like my sort of godson ’cause that’s just too weird. … Hey! Whatcha got in that bottle, missy?

    Okay, back in a bit! IF you leave a comment and it’s your first time visiting my Den, I’ll be back to moderate in an hour or so!

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  5. I have to pee, hurry up in the bathroom!!!


    Seriously, readers, please ask us about anything you desire. We’re here to talk to you and want to know what you like and don’t like about how we’re entertaining you.

    My mantra is that I live to entertain whether it’s through writing, acting, or tarot reading so I hope I”m doing a good job!

    And don’t forget to bookmark your FREE daily horoscopes at Ravenous Romance and pop me an email about how you enjoy them or not!!

  6. Good luck on your tour! Sounds like you all are having a ton of fun, the way it should be! Hope you all find tremendous success! You all are inspirations to writers like myself. Thanks for that!

  7. Dana –

    Great to be on board today. And what a great bus – wow! Don’t know if I should break out the shades or break out in song – “C’mon get happy” (isn’t that one of the songs from The Partridge Family?).

    It’s still morning on the west coast, so I shan’t be breaking out my martini shaker just yet, but I do have some nice Russian vodka in my freezer and a jar of imported olives just waiting to be made into a dirty martini.

    Elle Amery

  8. Hello world here’s the song that we’re singin’. Come on get happy!!!

    Ok… saw the bus, and just had to sing. Have a *great* tour, babes. Keep those cards and letters comin’.


  9. Jeez, Seph, hold your horses! Or hold your…heh. Never mind!

    Hey, Ladies and gentlemen!
    Sorry to take so long on my walk – I’m gonna be here all day now, making sure all comments get moderated!

  10. Wow! This IS a lineup. I’m definitely lookibng forward to the rest of the tour.
    Interesting that so many professionals in academics, journalism, finance and what have you all seem to enjoy high levels of creativity. Or maybe not! I’m certainly in the stratosphere and had better come down to catch my breath.
    Best of success to all of you–and to you especially, Inara. 😀 LOL.

  11. “There’s nothing better than beeeing together…when we’re SINGING!”

    Clear the roads, gang, the bus is coming through!

  12. Dana and all you wonderful folks! I’m finding it hilarious that the Ornery 11 are aboard the Partridge Family bus, the image of wholesome goodness! Dana, you are an utterly wicked woman; I like that about you! It’s great hearing how you all got started, and all of you sound like one of your own heroines! Best of everything to you on this fun tour!

  13. Since we’re singing…

    “The wheels on the bus go round and round. Round and round. Round and round. The wheels on the bus go roung and round all through the town.”

    Enjoy the ride, ladies! And the bus driver. He’s hot, ya know! 🙂

  14. What a great intro to all the ladies at Ravenous. Extremely helpful in deciding which author might meet my particular mood. As everyone else has mentioned, fabulous ride!

    Okay, in this learned bunch I’ll toss a heavy question:
    Do you believe that the lingering prejudice against erotica belies a male dominated perspective, or anti-liberated woman? After all, the general assumption is that good girls don’t, but bad girls do. Instead of all woman have appetites, yes they vary…but we don’t need to be placed in the binary system of virgin or whore.

    Wandering off to check out the author links. Be back to see what you all think. Or you can ignore it 🙂

    Cheers Dana!

  15. You did a very nice job on this, Dana. I appreciated the introduction to each and the their particular area within the genre.

    For sure, erotica is a popular genre of late. I think there is quite a misconception out there that erotic is sex with no real storyline. The few I’ve read shows that not to be the case. Mind you, I’m not a big erotica fan, but they were well written and good stories, even if the explicit sex was removed, or even modified, would still be a good story.

    Be seeing you 11 Over Coffee.

  16. This looks like so much fun. I love the bus. Enjoy the ride! I know I’ll be here, I wouldn’t want to miss all the fun.

  17. Oh Rachel, now you’ve done it – “Come on get Happy” is going to be stuck in my head all tour long now! =P

    Hey, I know just how much hard work goes into setting up tours like these, so right off I want to give a shout out to Dana for thinking of it in the first place, and spending all those weeks getting everything together behind the scenes. We should also thank all these great bloggers for hosting us, and last but not least, my hat’s off to all you Ravenous authors for sharing your posts with us. Can’t wait to hear more from all of you over the next 11 days! Let’s roll!

  18. Hey, is there any room on this bus for me? Looks like a fabulous time and such an interesting and eclectic group of writers. You bring the wine, Dana; I’ll bring the chocolate. If the cover models show up, it will be in syrup form. They like chocolate syrup on their ice cream, right? The men can bring the nuts and the bananas to the par-tay. (*everyone groans in unison)

    I’m not sure if you know the answer to this question, Dana (or any of the other ravenous romance ornery eleven authors). I sent a query 3 weeks ago pitching an erotic series I’m writing and I haven’t received a response, yet. I wondered if that meant a) I was rejected; b) the acquiring editor is busy and is taking longer than the 2 weeks sited in the submission guidelines or c) I’m a victim of a spam filter. Should I be patient and wait longer, resubmit, or console myself with one of those banana splits I’m suddenly craving?

    Anyway, great blog tour you’ve got here! I’ll be clinging to the back of the bus as you make your way around the Internet. Try not to back the bus up into any walls. Thanks!

  19. This Tour sounds like a blast!!!! I’m looking forward to learning more about all Ornery Eleven authors!!!
    Romance and Erotica are the best!!!!
    In the books that I like to read anyway.

    Untill the next stop

  20. Vivian asked a terrific question: is there a lingering prejudice against erotic romance stemming from a male-dominated culture? I’m sure this perspective still exists, but I’ve found that it’s changing. Many women who consider themselves feminists are reading erotica and erotic romance, as can be seen by the publishing boom. Culturally, it’s becoming more and more acceptable for women to embrace their own sexuality, which can be seen by the trend toward legitimizing erotic romance as seen with Harlequin’s decision to publish their Spice line.

    The stories I write support my heroines’ independence, their strengths, and ultimately, ownership of their own sexuality. My heroines come from a variety of life experiences – Grace had been abused by her father and former husband, Tally knew nothing but equality between men and women, Sophie had been raised by a mother who believed in only external beauty – but they all retain their own integrity and learn to grow as people and as women. These are no virgins, no shrinking violets, but rather, women who recognize their sexuality as a part of who they are and feel free to experience this side of themselves. I grew up in a culture where good girls didn’t and bad girls did, but I do see this changing, even if it’s a slow process.

    Elle Amery

  21. Hey, everyone who’s commented since I last checked in (actually I’ve been busily moderating the Comments to weed out the spam and weed in all you lovely visitors and fellow RR authors!)! I know at least some of the Ornery 11 will be back to answer your questions, but I’ll start. First, lemme go grab some champagne…

  22. Ah, the Partridge Family song… y’know, the song wasn’t in my head until you lot started singing. 🙂 Now it won’t leave!

    Jack, it is amazing what an eclectic lot we have here with our Ornery Eleven. It makes for some really excellent writing too. I’m still working my way through one of each from all of our authors.

    Jamie, there is ALWAYS room for you on whatever vehicle I’m commandeering! Even with the banana and nuts jokes. 🙂 In answer to your question, I think that Ravenous, for instance, is taking a bit longer to answer their submissions because of an office move and the quantity of submissions they’re receiving. Give it another week and then maybe a polite query email? Other RR authors, any more info or advice on this?

  23. Sia, I agree there’s a misconception regarding erotica. While there certainly are some stories/books out there with no plot or characters to care about, the majority that I’ve read so far have been engaging and better written than a lot of mainstream fiction.

    Vivian, I personally think the anti-erotica attitude stems from the warped value system of this country where violence towards women is PG rated, but naked hooters get an R slapped on ’em immediately.

  24. “Every day I get in the queue……Too much…Magic Buss….”

    Okay, I’m going to have to go pick up my son from dance class and treat us to a movie since we’ve not seen one together in a very long time. We’re probably going to see Adventureland since we’re both amusement park junkies.

    Wonderland opens May 1!! Can hardly wait to ride Behemoth again!

    As for queries and responses…I don’t know what RR time line is (they came to me before they even opened) but I’ve waited months and even years for responses from some publishing houses, so three weeks isn’t really that long when they are so swamped.

  25. Afshan and Phyllis, Jill, Tara and Lisa, welcome! And Kat, so nice of you to join us too! Did you bring Taz?! Rachel, so glad to have you on the bus too!

    Attasinari, thank you and best of luck with your own writing ventures!

    Mr. Fitzgerald, thank you for all of your support during the planning stages…

    Now we need a new song! Or…do we? Let’s vote! All those for C’mon, Get Happy, let your voices be heard!

  26. Seph, sorry you have to leave, but have a wonderful time at the movies with your son!

    Have you ever read DREAMLAND, btw? Can’t think of the author, offhand, but it’s horror and set in an amusement park…

    I’ll save your seat on the bus!

  27. These blog tours are fabulous. What a great way to bring readers to other authors. May you all be wildly successful.

    Well done, Dana. And I refuse to sing “Come on get happy.” Absolutely refuse to.

    Strolling away from the computer, humming…

  28. Eeek. *covers ears* All the “Come on Get Happy”. Could we at least get some less mindwashing music? I feel like you’re all going to try to make me drink Kool-Aid next. There was something very demented about the Partridge Family. I’m not sure what, but I know they were up to something.

    On the issue of erotica…
    I could go along with the morality issue if we were talking about porn in general. The prejudices that I’ve experienced because of it were all from women. The men generally love the idea. The women who are against it though find every opportunity to go out of their way to not only try to speak against the works, but the authors as well. I think that erotica finds this special sort of prejudice because it threatens the beliefs of so many women who are genuinely interested and curious, but feel that actually buying and reading it puts them in the category with the…um…”loose” women. It frightens them because it reflects their own insecurities with their sexuality and their need for stimulation.

  29. Beth, I’m gonna head over to the Wombats and start singing it there too… 🙂 Thank you for stopping by, you doll face, you!

    Adele, WOOT indeed! Wait until YOUR turn to host!

    HAH! Angela, I’ve got a lovely batch of grape Kool-Aid (okay, it’s wine!) waiting for you. Interestingly enough, the most vocal people at the MPAA (I used to work there,btw) against nakedness and sex in movies were women. So I tend to agree with your assessment of prejudice against erotica. Although I have met some men who think it’s totally wrong for women to watch, write or, indeed, enjoy sex…

  30. Hello, ladies! I’m a little late joining in because I’ve been on child care duty most of the day. This is such a fun idea, and it’s so much fun reading your bios. What a variety of backgrounds! (And EM, I didn’t realize you lived in the Bay Area. We should have an RR meetup!)

    Back to work…got a book proposal due Monday. And have an unexpected “date night” tonight: my sainted mother-in-laws *asked* if my son could come over and spend the night with her! It will be nice to get some one-on-one time with hubby (cue the 1970s porno music).

    I’ll leave you with a question: How do *you* make the distinction between “porn” and “erotica”? To what extent is it in the eye of the beholder?

    Cynthia (author of the story “Just Friends” on Ravenous Romance.

  31. RE: Porn vs. Erotica

    Ah, the eternal debate. Erotica is the sophisticated sensuous literature I read; Porn is the crass smut you paw over. Seriously, it’s all so subjective I couldn’t begin to draw the line anywhere. For me the question isn’t whether it’s porn or erotica, it’s is it GOOD porn/erotica?

  32. Hi Cynthia!
    Yup, I’m a local. Didn’t Dana mention we’d met and everything? Well not quite everything, it was just our first date.

    I think porn vs. erotica has to do with to what degree sex is the focus of the story. Is there more to it than just getting off from reading it? Do the characters interact as individuals not just sex partners; and perhaps even change during the story and not just f*ck? Then again, there is the line between erotica and erotic romance. For me, that’s based on how much the emotional relationship between the main characters is the focus, compared to simply the physical.

    Thought-provoking questions!

  33. Very good point, Mr. Fitzgerald. For me it all boils down to whether the author makes me care about the characters. Without ‘foreplay’ in the story (getting to know the characters and some build up of suspense/sexual tension/???), the sex is dull.

    Cynthia! Who, btw, folks, wrote an an awesome story (Just Friends) with the requisite build of tension and back-story, plus some really smokin’ hot sex scenes!
    You DO have a nice mother-in-law! But what I wanna know is if the ’70s porno music really does it for you. I’ll be emailing you for the answer to that, missy! Thanks for stopping by and next tour, you’re on the bus for the whole thing!

  34. “For me the question isn’t whether it’s porn or erotica, it’s is it GOOD porn/erotica?”

    Oh Dave, you are such a GUY!

  35. Personally, I’ve seen some porn that was pretty offensive in terms of its messages about women (usually produced by men and intended for men). I think that women creating porn or erotica or however you want to put it is a way of reclaiming women’s sexuality – and I think men can certainly produce pro-women erotica as well.

  36. Thanks for the response, ladies! I figured I just needed to wait longer. I thought the 2 week time frame they indicated in their submission policy was REALLY fast. I’m still going to eat that banana split though!

    I’m glad you let me on the bus, Dana! My hair is a wreck from clinging to the back of the bus and I was starting to get windburned.

  37. Which is why I like your writing so much, Em! Frankly, I’d never read a M/M story or book before and your characters were so real and compelling that it didn’t really matter to me whether they were men or women or?… And yes, Dave IS such a guy…

    OtLisa, I agree. I have recently read some really good erotica written by men and the difference seems to be that the men writing it really like and understand women.

  38. Jamie, any excuse for a banana split. That’s my opinion! But yeah, give it a little longer. Er…you wanna borrow my hairbrush?

  39. I’m late, but ready for coctails!

    Dana, great job putting the tour together. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone in a little more intimate setting by stopping by each tour stop.

    Now, is there anymore white wine left?

  40. Sounds like this tour is gonna be on the wild side. I hope y’all belt in and stay sane till the end. I woulda stopped in sooner, but moms pc is messed up and I can’t log in to anything till we get her settings straightened out (moms 81, has no idea whats up with it). Have fun, you guys.

  41. Hi, Nancy! Any time you stop by is the right time. And we’ve all had computer issues at some point – we’re just delighted you joined us! Our driver is very good, btw, and won’t drink until it’s time to stop for the night! Safe touring, that’s our motto.

    Neve, for you, a lovely buttery, creamy Chard, with plenty of tart pineapple in there to make sure it’s not dull…

  42. Add me to the bus! “I’ll bring a bottle of red, a bottle of white, perhaps a bottle of rose tonight.” In the legendary words of Billy Joel.

    Just had to stop by and say Hi!

  43. Congratulations on the successful launch of Ravenous Romance! This is my first visit to Zhadi’s Den and I enjoyed your blog very much. I look forward to hearing more about your authors!

    God Bless,
    Rhonda 🙂

  44. Rhonda, thank you so much for visiting and for your positive thoughts! It’s a pleasure to have you here and I hope you’ll come back, as well as visit the rest of our stops on this wild tour of ours!

  45. This tour is sure to be more fun than anyone imagines not to mention totally successful! Love the tour bus! Looks like its seen it’s share of rowdy bunches so your group should fit right in. Good luck on each stop!

  46. Woo Hoo!!!! I’m so happy that the tour has finally begun and can’t wait for it to be my stop already. I look forward to tomorrow’s stop at Jennifer’s Random Musings with Elle Amery.

  47. Erm…it MIGHT be the Partridge Family bus…but…but…they weren’t using it any more! (hides Danny and Laurie’s bodies under the luggage rack).

  48. Well it was a pleasure setting it up and it is being in proved with every new thing I learn about setting up a blog. I have even added a favicon if you haven’t noticed (its the signature pink V in the Ravenous Romance logo).

    I loved getting to know so many of the fabulous RR authors who joined up for the RR Authors blog as well as RR authors I’ve interviewed and reviewed their books for.

  49. Ooh, haven’t seen the Favicon! I’ll go check that out!

    Part of the fun for me setting up this tour has been getting to know my fellow authors and the hosts for the stops – all in all a delightful experience! I’m just glad the brass tacks portion is over and now the fun begins!

  50. Sorry, got distracted by Rioja and pasta. Though Dana’s Chard sounds delightful. Refill?

    Thanks for the responses to my question re: erotica and values. I personally see it as a double whammy. Some women still conforming to, yes I’m using air quotes, “male-dominated” values regarding womens’ roles. Honestly, having a teen daughter I try and evaluate these topics seriously, to give her a healthy sense of self.

    Erotica vs. porn. One is a shell of the other. Porn has a great place, but it is just the outside of something that most of want when we consider the “whole” package. In writing and films, it is generally determined by depth of character development. Neither is bad, but they aren’t substitutes per se.

    I’ll have that banana split sundae Jamie. 🙂

  51. AH, Vivian! Here (pours glass of aforementioned Chardonnay). Er…any of that Rioja left? I had a Marquis de Caceres reserve the other night that was to die for. Luckily it was at an open house, so I neither had to die or kill for a second glass.

    I’m glad you came back and thank you for the great thought-provoking question!

    Sundae and wine? You are a brave and decadent woman!

  52. I also added a lovely pink RSS feed icon subscription also so people can easily get updated of post from the RR Authors blog. It looks so cute.

  53. Hey, why’s it so dark in here? Oh, I have a paper bag over my head! I forgot. So I brought the Inderal in case it got too much for my old heart to handle. Hehe. But, I’m here! #64. Ahem. Okay, see ya.

  54. Ms. Walken! Lovely to…er…see you! At least from the neck down! Thanks for risking heart failure and stopping by to see how your student has learned her lessons at your side. My Yoda! or possibly my Emperor… Heh.

  55. That’s exactly what I was imbibing before your refill Dana. It is lovely. When visiting LA stop by, I stock up. 🙂

    I promise to do another WOW and have Lisa over, anytime you’re in town. Ping!

  56. ooh, Vivian, we must do this! And I am in total agreement re: quality versus quantity. Oh, that wine is yummy….

    Em! Perfect! LOL!!!

  57. Open invite darling Dana. Btw, WOW= Wine of the Week.
    Darn if I’d paid attention I would have been all over that 69!

  58. WOW = yummy! Are you in Southern Cal, Viv?

    Yeah, I let it go past too, so we have to gracefully bow to Em here…

  59. Speaking of bowing gracefully, I believe it’s about time for me to step away from the blog (just step away from the blog, ma’am!) and rest my weary eyes and head.

    Thank you so much, everyone, for stopping by and do please be sure to visit our second stop at Jennifer’s Random Musings where the lovely and talented Elle Amery is our featured author of the day!

  60. Okay…denied the immature #1 slot ’cause Jennifer’s not up yet.

    *plinks on glass

  61. Sorry I am a little late posting today (or mm it’s still night timish sorta here..)!!

    I spent most of the day shopping – for grocieries and other needed stuff no fun stuff :(.

    I wanted to wish you all the best of luck, I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with some of you personally – I think you all do such wonderful work.

    Congrats on the tour !!

  62. I had to drop by and wish all my wonderful co-authors at Ravenous Romance the best of luck on the blog tour. Due to a heavy schedule, I had to drop out and now I’m missing all the fun (Keta wipes tear from her eye). But hey, all is not lost — what book is the woman reading in Ripping the Bodice???? It’s pink, it features a plantation in the background and a hunk kissing a woman’s breast????? You’re right — LAND OF FALLING STARS. Had to get that plug in.

    Best of luck on the tour. May you sell hundreds of books. Dana did a wonderful job setting this up, she’s SO organized.

    Namaste, Keta Diablo

  63. What a fantastic group! I’m looking forward to the tour, and spending some time thinking about who belongs to those creative pen names.

  64. Great bus picture. 🙂 Wishing you all a great blog tour and much success in your writings ladies. This is great !
    Carol L.

  65. Pam, thank you so much for stopping by – any time is the right time to hang out with our tour!

    Keta, you made it! Yay!! And yup, everyone, my heroine in RtB is indeed reading LotFS -Ravenous did a double cover for that one and I love it!

    Charlotte, if you figure out who is behind all those pen names, let me know! 🙂

    Hi, Carol, we are glad you like our bus! It’s got plenty of room for everyone on the tour!

  66. Dana – just wanted to thank you for kicking off our Ornery Eleven Blog Tour – loved the bus and the drinks! My modem got overheated yesterday afternoon (this tour is smokin’ hot!), rendering me internet incapable, so I wasn’t able to stop back in and say “Hi” to all the folks who stopped by. Thanks again!

    Elle Amery

  67. Thanks, Dana, for such a fun ride with a great bunch of people on your magick bus! Lots of thought-provoking conversation. Lots of laughs. It’s been great learning more about my fellow authors at Ravenous Romance, and hearing from readers. Looking forward to the rest of the tour.

    Amber Austin

  68. Thanks,Elle, and no worries! As long as your modem works today ’cause it’s Elle day at Jennifer’s Random Musings!

    Aw, thank you, Amber! Glad you’re along with us!!! And feel free to mention your books in the comments – all Ravenous authors are really part of this tour!!

  69. What a great first day to the tour; so sorry I missed it! I came home from my lunch date with either a bad reaction to margarita #2, or a stomach bug, and I was down for the count. I’m glad to see the tour has begun so well–see you today at Jennifer’s Random Musings!

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  71. YEA!! Glad the tour has begun! I’m excited to meet all of the new authors! 🙂

  72. Great to say Hi to you all from Ravenous!! I’ve started to check out the books there and reading more and more! I look forward to each day’s releases! Looking forward to meeting you all along the way with this tour.

    Love the Partridge Family bus tour pic, LOL

  73. Jean, Becky, Linda, Rachie and Caffey, thank you so much for joining us on the tour! Hope you can make the other stops!

    Caffey, our bus was a bit fractious this morning, but we made it to Unbound!

  74. Isn’t Zhadi a hoot to tour with? I’m jealous that you all get her for the next couple weeks!

    The books look fabulous, authors. Can’t wait to dig in….

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