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WHOO HOO!!!!  BUS IS FIXED!!!!   Post now up and running here as planned!  If you left a comment here or you leave a comment there, you are entered in our giveaway contest and for the grand prize of $25 at Ravenous Romance!!    Come on, get happy…..


Folks, our beloved bus broke down on the way to Unbound this morning – we suspect it had something to do with trying to cross the Atlantic.  Although it might also have been the incessant singing of ‘Come on, Get Happy!’  At any rate, until we finish pushing it over to Unbound, we will be holding the third stop of our tour back here at Zhadi’s Den.  So please spread the word!  Oh, and warning… this post holds some explicit sex, so if you see smoke coming off of the screen, keep the kids away!  Now take it away, Lisa!!!  



Hi!  I’m Lisa Lane, author of the Ravenous Romance erotic vampire series, The Darkness and the Night, and the romantic and kinky sci-fi space trek, Lust in Space.  I would like to thank the Unbound group for hosting today’s event, everyone who helped to make this blog tour possible, and all those who have taken the time to stop by.  I will be giving away a copy of Lust in Space to one visitor, so make sure to leave a comment before you go.  Today we’re going to be discussing my favorite subject: Writing. And with that, the question of the day is:


What is it about writing you enjoy so much?


Lisa Lane: Writing relaxes me.  There is not much that compares to watching a movie play in my mind, while the muses work and my fingers hit the keyboard.  I love knowing just enough about the story and the characters to know where it is going, while also being left just far enough in the dark to feel the surprise and delight of a new plot twist or literary device, as it comes.  I love getting to know my characters, learning from them, teaching with them, crying for them, and cheering them on.  I love the satisfaction that comes with finishing that last sentence to that last chapter, and the feeling that comes with knowing that others might take, and enjoy, the ride I just finished.  I love the anticipation I feel when the next story begins to develop in my head, and the ride begins all over again.


EM Lynley: I love creating the characters and getting to know them as I plan and write. It makes writing so much easier. It’s wonderful when I’m writing and suddenly one of them does something I wasn’t planning. Then I know I’ve created a well-rounded character who readers will enjoy and come to care about as much as I do.


Jamaica Layne: I enjoy the thrill of creating new characters and situations, and the knowledge that the world I am creating will provide hours of entertainment to people I’ve never even met.


Isabel Roman:  I love playing in the imagination sandbox.


Inara LaVey: It’s the ultimate power trip.  “I created you, I can destroy you!  BWAHAHAHAHAH!!!!”  J  Plus it’s just plain fun. 


C. Margery Kempe: I am a god! I make the world, cause people to fall in love (or lust) and create out of nothing. What could be better than that?


Savannah Chase: I love creating these stories and bringing characters to life. I get to express myself with the tales I created and let my imagination run free. I love when someone reads one of my books and loves my work. When you get amazing feedback from a reader it fuels the fire to work harder and push yourself even more to create other books they will love.


Angela Cameron:  I love everything about it really. Even the tough things are fun or make me bring more of myself to the job than I’d thought I could. It’s not only an art that I can share with others, but a craft that forces me to grow as an artist. The most fun, however, is talking to readers who know my fantasy worlds and have as much fun there as I do.


Elle Amery: This question makes me laugh! In what other industry can someone earn money by snuggling with a cat on their couch and daydreaming?


Sèphera Girón:  I’m not sure. I think it’s the ability to live in other worlds and to meet new characters. I enjoy the process of stringing words together and I like to entertain.


Neve Black:  Eroticism especially is a true freedom of expression.



Excerpt from Lust in Space:

Sleep came quickly. Nora dreamt she was back on Earth, moving along a warm
beach. She wore a long, flowing white dress that danced in the light, salty breeze. Nora walked along the shoreline, feeling the sand between her toes and the cool ocean water rushing up over her feet. Seagulls flew overhead, calling to one another and fighting over bits of fish and carrion.

“Hey,” a man’s voice said, startling Nora as he came up from behind.

Nora quickly turned, then smiled at the sight of a young, robust man standing before her. He had shoulder-length, sun-bleached hair, dark tan, and thick arms. His bare chest was firm and muscular, his stomach flat. Swimming trunks hanging loosely around his hips created a terrible tease.

“Hi,” Nora said nervously.

“So, this is Earth?” the man asked, taking in the stunning scenery.

“Yes,” Nora replied.

“It’s lovely,” he said. He gazed into Nora’s eyes. “The people are lovely, too.”

“This is a dream,” Nora said, working to make sense of the lucid scenario..

“In a way,” he corrected. “Your ship has entered Tantra space. I’m Jorre. I thought we might get to know one another.”

“You speak my Earth dialect?” she asked.

“I know everything you know. I’m inside your mind.”

“Oh. I feel at a slight disadvantage. I don’t know anything about you. Will we be able to meet, in person?”

“This is it,” Jorre said. “The Tantra have evolved past the need for physical bodies, but we’re still always eager to meet and learn from new life forms.”

Nora looked at Jorre skeptically.

“I can assure you that I’m very real,” he said. “You have something I need, just like I have something you need.”

“And what is that?”

Jorre took Nora into his arms and kissed her. His tongue was firm and sweet as it
danced through her mouth. The feel of his chest against Nora’s body was calming and arousing, sending her mind reeling as he lifted her dress and caressed her long legs. Nora went wet at his touch.

They lowered their bodies to the damp, compact sand. Cool, shallow water swirled around them as they kissed and held onto each other. Nora pulled off Jorre’s trunks and paused to admire his perfect, hard cock. Her body swelled at the thought of feeling him inside her, hot and thick.

Jorre moved against her, making Nora desperate for more. He put a hand between her legs and tore away her wet panties. The ocean whisked them away.
Nora swelled more as Jorre’s fingers penetrated her, rubbing and contorting within her. She grabbed his cock, marveled at its length and width, and stroked it with uncontrolled desire.

“Please, I need to feel you,” she begged.

Jorre continued to pleasure her with his fingers, seemingly amused. “You want me to fuck you?”


“I want to hear you say it.”

“I need you to fuck me!” she bellowed, writhing desperately, spreading her legs and raking her fingers into the sand.

Nora lay on her discarded dress as Jorre rose between her legs, moving up against her and filling her forcefully. She thrust to meet him. Her breath shook as their bodies met. Nora wrapped her legs around Jorre’s firm body as he pumped into her, enthusiastically and fervently, each move taking her further toward blissful abandon. She rested her head against the sand, the water ebbing and flowing through her hair as it rushed over her. Jorre drilled into her with heavy, violent thrusts. Nora went limp, unable to keep up. She whimpered in blissful agony. He held her down as climax took her, her body going weak and her mind reeling. Nora moaned and wailed as Jorre continued to drive into her, taking her deep and hard.

“No more!” she cried, realizing that he had her by the arms. Her orgasm was
suddenly too much for her to bear.

But Jorre’s grip only grew tighter. He secured Nora tightly against the sand as he
reveled in her exasperation. He breathed heavily and his eyes rolled back as she




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26 thoughts on “Broken Bus (Now Repaired) on the Ravenous Romance Ornery Eleven- LISA LANE

  1. Wow! Authors, each and everyone one of you, aptly described every facet of why we’re driven to write!

    If I don’t write often enough, I actually start having exceptionally vivid and strange dreams. It’s as if my subconscious is claiming that “if you’re not going to create while you’re awake, I’ll do it for you when you’re asleep.” It’s actually unnerving!

    And Lisa — that’s one hot excerpt! ~fanning myself~

  2. Rachel, I love you! Thanks for the kind words – I have been in crisis mode since I got to work and turned on my computer… And I’m also worried about my pal, Adele, as she is a very reliable person!

    Margery and Debra, thank you so much for getting over so quickly as well…and yeah, that excerpt is amazingly hot. My mom is gonna blush when she visits my blog today. 🙂

  3. Hi Lisa!

    I enjoyed the excerpt above, but I’m oooh, la, la’ ing over this:

    “…Nora pulled off Jorre’s trunks and paused to admire his perfect, hard cock. Her body swelled at the thought of feeling him inside her, hot and thick….”

    See, Oh, la, la.

    Thanks, Zhadi!!

  4. Thanks Lisa, that was smokin’… Nice excerpt. I ran out and bought the story soon after I learned it existed; can’t wait to get back to you on it. This was a nice teaser til then.

    Great comments, all! Isn’t it just the best feeling in the world when a story suddenly *clicks* and starts coming together, or when something you’re writing surprises you or makes you laugh? I just live for those moments…

  5. Sorry to hear that the bus broke down, but happy to see you were able to find a rest stop to pull in and keep up the tour repartee. I’ve just recently started reading the more “sci-fi” types of erotic fiction, but I do love it. I’m looking forward to getting Lust in Space and a few others soon. But I must be patient, because as a lowly state employee, my paycheck cannot keep up with my TBB list. Where did I put that lottery ticket? I need to see if I’m rich yet. LOL
    Nancy aka joshgranny

  6. Wow! *fanning self* My windows have steamed up here at home!

    Glad to be on the tour bus – sorry we broke down trying to make it over the pond. But I’m glad to crash in Zhadi’s Den – last time we had quite the party, didn’t we, folks!

    Elle Amery

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  8. Glad to know that I wasn’t dropped off the bus somewhere in my sleep. I was beginning to wonder if you’d all left me behind!

    Great excerpt, Lisa. Very steamy.

    Okay, I read everyone’s answers, and these caught my attention:
    Inara LaVey:“I created you, I can destroy you! BWAHAHAHAHAH!!!!”
    C. Margery Kempe: I am a god!

    I’ve never experienced this that I can think of, and I get the feeling that I’m missing out on a much larger aspect of writing here. LOL. I really feel more like a war correspondent (especially in my stories), reporting back what I see. Now I want to create and destroy something like volcanoes in Sim City!

  9. Sorry, feeling very sheepish, messed up my overseas timings, I had it in my head quite firmly that it was due 7pm GMT. I know you told me, but I couldn’t get at my email all day to double check (blocked from work). Lesson for the future – set it up in advance and work out how to get blogger to post in my absence pr send everything to Chris and ask him to press go.

  10. Lisa,
    You have such a positive outlook on the writing process, which is awesome. Do you find you’re more productive if you have certain snacks close by when you’re writing, or do you just write and write and take mini breaks when your stomach starts growling?

    I’m asking this question as I peer over the top of my PC and come face to face with the half emptied crystal bowl of chocolates. Who ate all those? 🙂

  11. Thanks so much for the comments, and to Dana for keeping the tour going despite the delay. You are awesome!

    I love how similar our creative processes are, and yet they are all still so unique. Yes, I love that “aha!” moment, when finally the muses let me in on the big twist and everything comes together.

    I’m going to hop on over to Unbound, now. I hope to see you there!

  12. Adele, no worries! I get mixed up on the whole difference in times issues too (and you’d think I wouldn’t since I have to do so much of it at work!) and the tour continues!

    Neve, look in a mirror to find your answer… 🙂

    Lisa! We love you so much we had to have you at TWO different blogs today! See ya over there!

  13. Enjoyed the interview and post. And that title, “Lust in Space.” Now. THAT. Is cool! 🙂

    Hey your hooptie bus breaking down brought back some (not so) fond memories of touring with my R & R band back in the 70’s in our Hippie van. LOL

  14. It appears that not even gods can prevent a breakdown. At least it wasn’t the kind of catastrophe described in Andrew Greeley’s GOD GAME (a superb fantasy btw.) Maybe a few sprinkles of black lotus incense to accompany the rites howeled in their seasons will prevent further snafus and fubars. Roll, ladies, roll! 🙂 LOL.

  15. Wow congrats on the repair of the bus. Hope you are having a great tour 🙂 Thanks as always for stopping by my blog. Interesting profiles of so many authors!

  16. I hope you get the bus up and running soon. Just remember to put the water wings on anytime you are near water. It will help prevent getting water in places where it doesn’t go 🙂

    I loved the interview and will check back here for the next couple of days to see if you are fixed yet.

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