Just a quickee…

…I’m on a grueling (yet exhilarating) deadline and have been writing my butt off (yup, looks like it’s shrunk a bit!) all last week into my lovely long weekend.  Can’t say much more right now other than zombies are involved.  So you KNOW I’m having a blast!  The kitties have been a great help by keeping their rampaging down to a minimum, so I’m posting the picture below in their honor. 

See you all later, and definitely look for Ravenous Wednesday at Un:Bound this week!

4 thoughts on “Just a quickee…

  1. Now THAT’S a cat!!!!!
    Zombie or otherwise, I’m not gonna piss off this baby!
    See you Wednesday at Unbound. LOL.:-)

  2. That picture just had me rolling on the floor giggling, Elizabeth. Glad you appreciate it!

    Sweet! Jack is back!

    Adele, the book will be coming out in the next month or two too! CHampagne that is. I’m glad you liked the story! And hope you liked TIger’s Tale too. 🙂

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