“I Kissed A Girl” Anthology Released Today!

I kissed a girl

 I Kissed a Girl: A Virgin Lesbian Anthology      

You’ve heard Katy Perry’s hit song, now read enticing stories of heterosexual women exploring new boundaries. College dormitories become breeding grounds of inquisitive minds and libidos with roommates discovering desire for each other as they relate past experiences, undress in each other’s presence, seek refuge from a storm, discover a dildo or share men. Continuing life’s path, ingenious women find ways to enhance marriage or the workplace. Champagne cellars, riding stables, tanning salons, even historical English bedchambers become hotbeds of lesbian experiments. Converting or not, all embrace the journey of sexual exploration.

Warning: Stories contained within this anthology may elicit arousal, regardless of sexual persuasion.

The official sell copy, ladies and gents, for this brand spanking new anthology released today, August 27th, by Ravenous Romance! I’m proud and pleased to have my short story CHAMPAGNE (soon to be released as a full-length novel) included.  It also contains A TIGER’S TALE, the debut story of new Ravenous author Kilt Kilpatrick.  Oh, heck, it contains lots of lovely stories by talented authors and I’m just gonna list ’em all below:

Freckles by C. Margery Kempe

Two’s Company by Louisa Bacio

Champagne by Inara LaVey

Get Thee to the Nunnery by Samantha Jones

Lady’s Maid by K. Ann Karlsson

The Tiger’s Tale by Kilt Kilpatrick

Passions, Like Storms by Nola Erus

When I Taste Like a Waste I Breathe by Farrah J. Phoenix

My New Roommate by Jen Bluekissed

The End of the World by L.A. Mistral

Show Me Yours by Lucy Felthouse

Defining Lines by Regina Perry


I KISSED A GIRL has already received one review from You Gotta Read Reviews: click here to read it.  The book got their highest rating.  Talk about a great way to launch a book! 


If you’re interested in learning more about each author, please go to the sidebar on the right where I’ve now got links for the IKAG gang.

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