Introducing Marvin Wilson: Spiritualist, Author, and All Around Nutball

“Own Fiddler is the personification of lack of personal responsibility. The world owes him a living, even though he’s done nothing to earn it. It’s always someone else’s fault, even when his actions lead directly to unfortunate consequences for himself and others. But when one of Owen’s selfish acts inadvertently results in the death of someone near and dear to him, he’s forced to re-evaluate his life and self-serving attitude. Is it too late for him to change? I’ll leave you other readers to find that out for yourselves.

Marvin Wilson has written a modern day fairy tale in which there are very few shades of gray. Good and evil are clearly delineated and every cause has its effect, be it positive or negative. Told in straightforward, sometimes earthy language, there is no ambiguity in Owen Fiddler’s world. Wilson uses some fun colloquialisms and down to earth expressions in a refreshing and effective way, such as ‘she nailed him butt good’ when a wife catches her cheating husband doing it doggy style with a bar floozy. There are a few problems with shifts between past and present tense in places, but for the most part the narrative voice is clear and unique – Wilson is first and foremost a storyteller who happens to have a moral in his story: that of the importance of taking personal responsibility for one’s own life. A straightforward story with humor, compassion, and with the lines between good…

and evil…

drawn clearly in the sand.”

The above is the review I wrote after reading Marvin Wilson’s novel OWEN FIDDLER. Getting to know Marvin during a blog challenge (write one post a day for a month or self-destruct), I discovered a warm, witty, eternally optimistic and goofy friend and I’m proud to be hosting him on his very first Blog Book Tour. After discussing the possibilities for his stop here (insightful interview with questions by yours truly or perhaps a thoughtful discussion on writing by Marvin), we decided to let the protagonist of his book put in his two cents. So, without further ado, let me introduce Owen Fiddler!

A Preface – Written by Owen Fiddler

I ain’t much of a writer. I just kinda live my life. Simple guy. Try and have a good time and try and find sum kinda happiness, ya know? My friend, Marvin Wilson, he does the writin’. So when he said this friend of his, some crazy cat lady name ZZ, wants me to write a pre-face to his article, I was like, “What the hell is a pre-face? And why me? You sayin’ I’m two-faced or something?” Just being funny. I ain’t that stupid. Lately I been tryin’ to read more. I actually finally got around to reading that book Marvin wrote about me. It’s pretty good, OK I guess. I mean, he writes it up pretty honest like. But I still don’t believe all that mumbo jumbo (bleep) that’s supposed to happen at the end. Afterlife and god and spirits and all that (bleep)? Gimme a brake.

So I ain’t gonna keep ya long. Got paid today an the pubs callin’. You understand. Only place I ever really get happy. But I will tell ya one thing ‘fore I go. When you read my book, Owen Fiddler? Well, don’t think I am so awful terrible different than you. You will probably think I’m a selfish jerk and a really bad guy. And in a lotta ways that is true. I ain’t much to write home about. But Marvin sez this about me, and I know its true. I ain’t so very different than anybody else. I am just the po – what’s the word? Potential. That’s it. I’m the potential inside all of us. I’m what happens when you don’t give a (bleep) ’bout nobody but yourself. Not like I din’t used to try. But life has been hard for me. Finally I just gave up and now I only look out for me. Ain’t my fault I’m this way. Life is a (bleep). But we ain’t all that different, you an me. So just – ahm, just don’t be to hard on me, OK? Don’t be too quick to judge.

Thank you, Owen! And now it’s time for my favorite nutball spiritual writer, Marvin Wilson, to talk about why he is a writer.

I wasn’t meant to be a writer. Nope. I was supposed to be a NBA all-star. That’s what I requested of god back when I was a spirit-being seeking diversion as a physically incarnated human. But god jipped me. Yup. God jipped me right out of my genes. Put me into this 5’8” quite white body and robbed me of any speed, ability to jump or shoot the rock. Also with a propensity for gaining weight. Good joke, god.

I held onto my dream, though. All through my 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, and well into my 50’s. Law of Attraction, right? Even before the LOA became popular I knew the principle. Believe it, own it, be thankful for it even before it materializes, and it will come to pass. Well (bleep) the LOA. Didn’t work. Not for me. Now here I am a fifty nine year old slow graying geezer with no championship rings and no harem and no millions. Thanks a lot, god. Well, I mean, if there is a god.

If there is a god, then why didn’t I get to be a Magic Johnson or a Michael Jordan or a Kobe Bryant? Huh? Wanna tell me that one? And if the LOA really is true then why do I have to write for a living? Try and tell me that one. Sucks. Life sucks and then you die. I asked to be 6’8” and god shorts me a whole foot. I ask for speed and instead he gives me crack. I ask for artistic mobility and he gives me arthritic disability. Very funny. I wish I’d never been born.

So I’ve finally let go of my dream. I realize I’ll never be a NBA all-star in this lifetime. It hurt, letting go of my passion. Hurt really bad. To one day wake up and have to say to yourself, to have to move out of denial and admit it, finally, that … well, chump, you’ll never be that adored American idol. No. You have to write books. That’s your pathetic little row to hoe.

And that’s why I became a writer. I’m pissed. Pissed at god. So I created this character, Owen Fiddler. Owen gets to say what I’ve always wanted to say but didn’t ever have the spiritual balls to say it. And people need to know. They need to know that there is no god and that this stupid stuff, this LOA crap is just bull(bleep). Period.

Now everybody that believes what I just wrote, please stand on your head and read it again upside down.


Truth is I love writing. I don’t know what I would do without it. Probably take up synchronized swimming or something. Maybe become a hobo. I have a gift and I love using it, expanding it, learning more about it, studying it, finding out just how far I can expand my mind with it and reach out to others through it. Michael Jordan could fly twelve feet high in the air taking off from the free-throw line and thunder dunk the rock. Me, I can write. Pretty darn good too. Maybe I’ll never be the Magic Johnson of the literary world, but if I can make some people smile, cause some folks to think, give out some spiritual insights that help some brothers and sisters out on their way, then I’m down with that.

In the end, it’s not about how much money you made or how famous you became in this magical mystical journey we call life on earth. No. In the end, it’s all about what you did with the gifts you were given and how much of a legacy you left behind by the fruits of your labor. Who did you touch? Who did you help? How much healing took place because of your labor, the result of your love? Did you try your best? Did you care for others? Did people benefit from your existence? It is said that if you love what you do for a living you will never have to work a day in your life. True dat. I do what I love. It is not labor. It is love.

I love writing.

And in the end, there is only One Love.

Can’t argue with that.

Thank you, Owen and Marvin, for visiting the Den and sharing your thoughts and experiences. Tomorrow Marvin will be visiting Savvy Verse and Wit, giving an “overview of the transformation from the undisciplined “freebird” Hippie of yore into the structured disciplined writer “living life on purpose” type of person he is today, and how that transformation affected and was affected by his taking up the arduous task of establishing a golden years career as a published author.”

For the rest of the tour schedule, go here.

17 thoughts on “Introducing Marvin Wilson: Spiritualist, Author, and All Around Nutball

  1. Hi, Jean! Thanks for being the first to comment on Marvin and Owen’s blog stop. Which, I might add, should have been up at 12:01 AM, but I screwed up the auto posting when I got it ready to go… Apologies to anyone who stopped by to visit Marvin and Owen and didn’t find them earlier!

  2. WOW!!!!!!!!!! (And Marvin, you know me–that is the greatest compliment I can give–it indicates me being totally speechles, which is a rare thing indeed)

    ZZ, I loved your interview! You captured the book beyond perfectly 🙂

    Owen, I can’t believe this is the same guy I talked with yesterday–lighten up, Dude!

  3. Beautiful. I think it’s easy to get wrapped up in pointing a finger at Owen Fiddler and all the things he does, but how many of us go through life without holding ourselves up for the same close examination? That word – “Potential” – sent shivers down my spine.

    And Marvin, that NBA thing was clever – you really had me going there for a moment!

  4. Another great post along the cyber tour. Great review. I still haven’t gotten my copy….what is up with that Amazon?

    Zhadi, I wonder how Owen’s life might have been different had he learned yoga.

    Something to ponder….or not! hee hee

  5. It’s never pleasant to see oneself in a mirror which shows all the warts. Thanks Marvin. We all need a dose of reality because we’re all such pretenders. (Yep, I know THAT about myself.) So thank you for showing us the potential to be the opposite as well. In the end, active love IS the answer.
    Great review, Dana. You’ve gained another reader for Marvin.:-) LOL.

  6. I’m glad everyone likes the review – I wanted to do the book (and Marvelous Marvin) justice! And gaining him another reader does please me mightily, Jack!

    Hopefully Owen will stop by and tell us what HE thinks of doing yoga… 🙂

    In the meantime, thank you all for stopping by!

  7. This is another wonderful post on a great blog tour. I’ve been following it and enjoying it thoroughly. Marvin certainly is a good writer, and that last paragraph sums it up so well, how we who use our gifts to touch others is what it’s all about! Thank you, Zhadi, for sharing this great post!

  8. Owen. OWEN!! Shut up. These people are being NICE to you! For god’s sake, READ before you rant, willya? And hey thanks, everyone, for all the nice and endorsing comments. Glad I followed Owen tailed when he said he was coming over here.

  9. Well Marv shut me up and cut me off before I had what I wanted to say. Probly best. Gess you guys ARE kinda being nice. Why the hell is he always right and I’m always wrong?

  10. Owen, my pet, you react instead of respond. That’s the key here. Slow down, take a few deep breaths and you’ll be fine!

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