5 thoughts on “In Case You’re Craving My Posts…

  1. Re: the beached sailboat, there’s no real evidence of a suicide (a missing body in question would never make it into a court of law–not yet anyway) and while the evidence does appear to suggest some kind of personal tragedy, whatever happened may not have been as irreperably devastating as feared. In any case you would be doing no more than did Goethe, who took a village tragedy (insane woman kills her baby) and masterfully worked it into his Tragedy of Faust, making an everlasting comment on human frailty and the power of love, both human and otherwise.
    Re: the garlic parmesan fries, I agree with you. But did evil ever taste better? LOL.

  2. You are a blogger to be admired. I tried to write a reasonably short post, and it ended taking me about half an hour when I should have been working on our book. Then I had to post it to Red Room, blah blah blah. Still, making good progress on Chapter 3.

    Um, why am I telling you all of this in your blog? I really WILL use any way to procrastinate.

  3. Jack, evil has actually tasted much better The first few bites were good, but then… too much garlic!

    HAh! Cindi, you crack me up… I need to go read your post at the Red Room (which i need to utilize more)…

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