Contest to Win Free Copy of MURDER FOR HIRE

Hey, all!  My cyberpal Adele is having a contest to win a free copy of my book, MURDER FOR HIRE: The Peruvian Pigeon (for those of you who still don’t know the title) on her lovely book review blog UNBOUND.  Go check it out and give Adele (otherwise known as Hagelrat- you’ll have to ask her why) some love!   And while you’re there, check out the links to her other blogs.  If you’re a reader or a writer, I guarantee you will be glad you did!

7 thoughts on “Contest to Win Free Copy of MURDER FOR HIRE

  1. Too bad I already have a copy (great book, too!) or I’d check it out. Very glad to see it’s doing so well. You are headed for the heights. LOL. 😀

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