Expression Lines? – Day 27

I had a totally different post in mind for today’s post. I wrote the majority of it this morning on my Alpha, but something else crossed my path that I just had to share and see if everyone else finds it as amusing as I do.

I work at a venture capital firm that invests in green and sustainable technology/beauty/cleaning supplies/etc., anything in the area of health and wellness. Which is kind of cool ’cause it’s really one of the first VC firms to venture into this area. I don’t want to be an office manager the rest of my life, but for the time being it’s a good job with good people. We do due diligence on products sent from potential investment companies and I swiped (with my managing director’s permission, of course!) a very expensive skin care kit to test out. It promises, among other things, to balance out all skin types, give you visibly firmer, younger-looking skin and ‘targets the causes of expression lines.’

‘Targets the causes of expression lines.’

Now is it just me, or does this bring to mind visions of faces super-glued into immobility, thus ensuring expressions do not occur and form those nasty expression lines. Botox in a bottle, maybe? It brought back to mind advice from a photographer friend of mine during my modeling days: he told me to always try and keep my face placid, with just the slight hint of a smile in my ‘cheekbones.’ It would prevent wrinkles from forming, he said.

I think it’s obvious I did not follow this advice.

I’m going to try out the product. It’s…well, let’s just say this kit has a retail price just short of $200. And I’m pretty confident whoever wrote that priceless piece of ad copy was referring to laugh lines (oooh, evil!!!) , crows feet and frown lines All of which are signs of aging, but also of our lives. Expression lines. So I’m not worried about becoming as waxy and immobile as Cher or Joan Rivers …but I’m not gonna be too disappointed if all the lines on my face are still there when I’m done with the due diligence. I’ve earned every one of them.

9 thoughts on “Expression Lines? – Day 27

  1. “‘targets the causes of expression lines.’”

    Now, wait a minute. This might be worth $200. If you can pick and choose, that is. The “causes” of expression lines are sadness, happiness, passion, hostility, anger, excitement, hysteria, agony, and other emotions. Now, we wouldn’t want this cream to take away all these causes, but a few of them could go. I mean, I might give up hostility and hysteria if it meant no expression lines.

  2. I earned all my expression lines, every last one of them, and I’ll be darned if I’m gonna pay $200 to have them removed! LOL

    as usual, entertaining post, Dana {-:>

  3. Boy are you right on the money. So what’s wrong with showing one’s age? I can understand some use of dyes and a touch of makeup for those so inclines, but to pretend that there has been NO physical change whatever is ingenuous and silly. I believe that were I to do that I’d mainly be lying to myself, and at my age that would not only be silly but stupid. I came by my years (with all the wear and tear) honestly nad I,too,intend to show it, dagnabit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Charge ahead with MFH 2. I’m anxious to read it.LOL

  4. Wow, I wish they could have targeted some of the causes BEFORE they created expression lines! LOL. Now that would be a product, wouldn’t it? Wait, I think they’ve already done that, haven’t they? It’s called a gun. Just kidddddinnnnngggg.

    Soundbites. They are amusing at times. 🙂

  5. HAH! Helen, you made me snort. Okay, I wouldn’t mind giving up hysteria, hostility and fear. If only that’s what the company meant…

    Heh. Marvin, I’ll let you know if the stuff removes any of my expressions…

    You tell ’em, Jack!

    Dani, therein likes the point. Too late to do anything about the causes NOW. And are you SURE you’re just kidding?…

  6. Plus, being wrinkle-free can be awkward. I wear a hat all the time, so I’m not “aging” as quickly as my confrères. (Or is that consoeurs?) At any rate, people either a.) assume I’m younger than I am, or b.) assume I’ve had some kind of dermabrasion/face lift/other cosmetic procedure. Neither of these assumptions is terribly flattering. Embrace your wrinkles–or your sunhat, whichever you like.

  7. Well, Red, you ARE still relatively young compared to some of us ancients… but yeah, I’m all for embracing wrinkles AND sunhats!

  8. I’ve noticed that for most women simply smiling has just the exact same effect on their face that all these treatments claim. Dana’s face warms up a whole room when she smiles.

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