3 thoughts on “Day Twelve on the Ravenous Romance Ornery Eleven Tour!

  1. Just wanted to acknowledge the almost super human effort you’ve made in organizing this whole affair. Yes it was enjoyable–I’m sure of that. But it’s also been a tremendous amount of work. Labor of love? Hell yes. But also draining. You ought to take a week or so off from the den (unless you feel otherwise, of course) and only work on CHAMPAGNE, Dave and the kitties.
    Meantiime you’ve done a superlative job and we’re all proud and grateful.

  2. I just wanted to say the tour was great. As a reader I got to meet a lot of new writers and their writings. It was a blast.
    Carol L.

  3. i agree with carol – most enjoyable to meet the writers & read the excerpts. i didn’t have time to post on each one, but i did visit them all & had a lovely time 🙂

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