Zombie Love!

Coming out on Halloween with Ravenous Romance,  an anthology for all you zombie lovers out there!  My short story “First Date” is in there, along with Kilt Kilpatrick’s “Last Times at Ridgemont High.” And they said it couldn’t be done…

5 thoughts on “Zombie Love!

  1. A toothsome Halloween offering indeed! I guess life among the dead isn’t so….um, dead, after all. Looking forward to your story as well as the others.
    Happy to see you back! Long may you write. LOL. 😀

  2. Jack, I think this anthology is RIGHT up your alley! I looked at the ARC and it’s got some really great stories in it (including mine, of course – heh). And the cover is, in my opinion, one of their best. Nice to be back! I’m gonna try and post more regularly…

  3. It IS a great cover! I wonder if the guy has discovered that there is….something different about his, uh,…date? Guess he’ll find out at dinner time, hehhehhehhehheh….

  4. fun! i need a halloween-ie type story to read for a party in a few weeks – mayhaps this one?

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