Weekly Cute Photo Cop Out Post

Yeah yeah, like you don’t do it too… This is Taz and Bug Bear (we figure his adult name will be just ‘Bear’ ).  Taz recently lost her littermate, Haggis, with whom she was very close.  His death broke our hearts and left Taz bereft of her playmate.

We weren’t intending to get another kitten, but our friend Maureen rescued this little guy from a shelter when they were going to euthanize him because he had ringworm.  Mo took him in, got rid of the ringworm and we knew she’d get attached and keep him if we didn’t intervene.  Heh.  So our other friends Aldyth and Brad joined us in a new endeavor: It takes a village to raise a kitten.   We agreed to take the little guy (then Gomez) for a few days each so he wouldn’t bond with one particular person.  This way it would be easier for Maureen to find him a home.

Great plan, right?  Except we didn’t plan for him bonding with Taz.

First day he was here she hissed at him and smacked him.  Second day, she hissed, but followed him around like a shadow.  Where he went, so did she.  He was oblivious to hissing, smacking and stalking.  Third day, she was forcibly washing him.  Fourth…well, look at THIS picture.  The caption is simply “Mine!”

6 thoughts on “Weekly Cute Photo Cop Out Post

  1. How cute!

    I need Taz to come to our house to give Miss Kitty lessons on acceptance. We brought Dusty Cat in from the cold at Christmas. Miss Kitty didn’t come out of the bathroom until June. Now she roams the house fairly freely, though she jumps and runs if she spies Dusty Cat anywhere nearby.

  2. What Helen Ginger said! It would be a great children’s book, and not erotica—–

  3. Awww, it would make a cute kid’s book! Yet another area to branch into in my copious spare time… and something Mom could read.

    Karen, not all of our kids are so accepting of other felines, but this little guy just barrels around as if they’re all his best friends. Poor Miss Kitty…sounds like her nose is a bit out of joint. Hopefully in a few months they’ll be cuddling.

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