Tomorrow’s the Big Day!

Yup, tomorrow is the official launch of the Ravenous Romance website.  The launch will include author sites, a book and a story (story by yours truly under the pen name Inara LaVey) and I’m not sure what else, but I’ll definitely be buying the book and checking out the site!

For those of you who enjoy humor, romance and more sex than my mom would like to see, please check out my story!  If it’s not your cup of tea, I will not be offended ’cause, well…after all, my mom won’t be reading it. 🙂  The story is called SUCCUBUSTED.

And on December 2nd, please stop by to meet Jean Henry Mead and read about her new mystery A VILLAGE SHATTERED.  I’ll remind you again tomorrow.  🙂  And on December 9th, Marvelous Marvin will be here promoting his book OWEN FIDDLER.

Short post today – I’m off to work on RIPPING THE BODICE, my WIP for Ravenous!  It’s due…well….soon.  VERY soon.

14 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s the Big Day!

  1. You inspire me too, MM! Together we vill conquer ze world!!! Bwahahahahah!!!
    And seriously, thank you. And seriously, you inspire me too.

  2. Succabusted – LOVE the name. I’ll be checking it out. Bet it’s not too much sex for a horny old goat like me (don’t tell my wife I said that). New blogsite sounds pretty cool too.

  3. Best of luck with the new site, Dana, my friend. I can’t wait to read Succubusted–an intriguing title. I’m also looking forward to my visit here tomorrow on my Village Shattered Tour.

  4. Another step taken,. You are definitely on your way. You can only get better with time. LOL>:-)

  5. Loved it!! I downloaded ages ago and finally had the time to sit down & enjoy today – very very good & I can’t wait to read more stories 🙂

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