Times, They Have Changed…

I got an email from my best friend today, a very chipper email about decorating for Autumn, books, food…and how she got up at ‘the butt-crack of dawn’ for the purpose of signing up one her two charges (my friend is a nanny) in the school play.  See, at this particular school in this particular affluent section of San Diego County, it’s not as simple as it was when WE were kids.  Her charge (who we’ll call S) is seven.  Or eight.  I lose track.  At any rate, when I was that age, school plays found a place for everyone who wanted a part.  Oh well.

ANYway, my pal got there at 7am, figuring this would be plenty early enough.  She found and found a long line of parents sitting in beach chairs who’d been there since five thirty in the morning.  The sign-up officially started at eight.  They ended up 9th on the waiting list.  So, to quote my pal, ‘it looks like S’s dream of being a baby rat in “Charlotte’s Web” probably won’t happen.’

But that’s not the real kicker.

Each child who gets in the play will pay (or rather their parents will pay) $250 for the privilege of participating, no matter what their part.

Is is just me, or is this sending a really negative and dysfunctional message to these kids?   It’s not like this school needs the money to put on their play.  This is one of the most affluent neighborhoods in SD County and if my podunk school in Lakeside or the slightly more ritzy Cabrillo Elementary could afford to put on a play without charging the actors a fee, so can La…er…this community.

I shakes my head, I does…

11 thoughts on “Times, They Have Changed…

  1. Milis Dia Uilechumhachtach! Holy crap! I’m double stunned. $250 smackers to get to rehearse the baby rat part for 6 weeks? WTF?!?! Is this a public school production or a Scientology workshop?

  2. That’s appalling! Seriosuly, charging fo the privilage of performing in a school play smacks of those “model agencies” who charge $100’s for taking your photos and then never stump up with the work.

  3. Yup, that was my response. And having to line up early like they’re buying tickets to a concert or something… It just seems wrong to me.

  4. I think it’s usury and shameful. But I guess it teaches kids that EVERYTHING costs in life these days. Well, actually as you said, it’s more of a pain in the tush and REminder for the parents.

  5. It seems like everything costs nowadays. When my kids were in high school, they had to pay a fee to play a sport or be in band, etc. They had to pay to be able to park. It’s nutty.

    P.S. I love “the butt-crack of dawn.” I say that all the time and didn’t know if others used it or not. Might be just those of us who are not morning people.

  6. Marvin, I found it depressing and just odd that such an affluent community would charge the parents to let their kids be in the show. I mean…jeez louise!

    Helen, I also use ‘butt-crack of dawn’ and think it’s probably one of the most eloquent phrases used to describe that time of day for us non-morning folk…

  7. and what happened to the days when you auditioned for something and got in because you were good (or you knew the director, or you just looked right for the part…but I digress) instead of being able to buy your way in? sets a bad precedence says I.

    and apropos of nothing, why are men so stupid?

  8. It seem every body is becoming mercenary as hell these days. Sounds to me like someone is holding these parents up and the parents are virtually brainless because they’re anxious to pay up. I’ve heard that is illeagal. (Well… maybe not in LA; after all, it IS LA.) It’s ridiculous but if the parents are dumb enough to fall for this, it will be allowed to go on unchallenged. On the question of why men are so stupid; I’m don’t know about the rest of the world but it does seem to be an old American tradition. Don’t know why either. Maybe it’s all the hamhocks and turnip greens. And the beer and pork rinds. LOL, Jack

  9. Pam and Jack…Pork products? LOL!!!

    Maryann, I so agree. As my friend said…Only in La (name withheld to avoid lawsuits).

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