This Says It All…

Actually I’ve been on Decaff for the last two months, at least during the week, and I can’t really tell the difference.  For me I think it’s the smell of coffee that really perks (sorry) me up in the morning.  That and the jolt of caffeine from the dark chocolate (chili infused) I put in my mocha.  Other people swear on their caffeinated java to get them going and keep them going throughout the day.  My doctor says caffeine is the root of all evil, right after alcohol.  Other people in the medical profession say caffeine is good for you in small doses (there’s a study that says women who drink coffee are less likely to commit suicide), as is red wine.  If anyone figures this out, let me know!

8 thoughts on “This Says It All…

  1. I sure can’t figure it out from listening to the “professionals”–so called, anyway. I believe you’d have to consume caffeine in mega doses in order to be harmed by it. (How much is too much? I’ll take the fifth on that one.)
    I figure the only way to live life to the full is to ignore the “advice’–always well meaning–of “professionals” and just live to your specifications. Very likely you’ll come to no harm.
    Beautiful kitty! Love that website. Susan and I are both suckers for cute felines.
    Keep flying! LOL. 🙂

  2. Coffee and I don’t get along but I have a morning cup of chai tea that’s loaded with caffeine. Two cups stand me on my ear, which doesn’t make typing easy. Chai makes me happy temporarily so maybe women who drink coffee throughout the day avoid depression, which can lead to suicide.

  3. Jack, if there’s one thing that staves off depression for me, it’s cute felines! 🙂 And while I’ll take my doctor’s advice to some degree, I do agree that there are times each person needs to live according to their own specifications. I figure if I’m sleeping well, losing weight and feeling good, I’m doing okay!

    Jean, I think you’re right re: caffeine and depression and i KNOW it makes my sister happy! I don’t know that she’d get up and about during the day if not for her beloved java…

  4. Hey Dana!

    Haven’t posted on here in awhile. How are you doing beautiful? I also like decaffinated coffee if I want coffee at night. But in the morning I love my nice cup of java. Its just the kick in the ass I need to start my day lol. Ive never tried Chai tea but I hear its just as good as regular tea with that boost that gets you going. I love my coffee but the only reason why I drink it is because of the boost. Then again, I like it when I mix it with milk n sugar. Splenda is so very yummy.

    Ive got a sweat tooth like the rest of my family. I just indulge myself once i awhile though when I use sugar. I try not to eat too much sugar, not good for you or your teeth.

    Hope everything is well with you.

    Later Dana

  5. If they don’t know how the heck are we supposed to know. I guess it’s just best to go by that old saying: Everything in moderation. I used to drink one cup of coffee in the morning and I am pretty sure it was just pure habit. I gave it up two years ago and never missed it. When I was really young, like in my 20’s, I had to start my day with a cold coke. Go figure! I am delighted you stopped by my blog. I hope you’ll visit often. ~ Lynn

  6. Hey, Angel! It’s nice to see you! I’ve been behind on my blog visits too…
    I have a sweet tooth too, which I indulge with dark chocolate melted into my mocha every morning… yummy…

    Hi, Lynn! I tend to agree – if they don’t know for certain, we can only go with what works for us and yeah, the moderation thingee. I do love my mocha first thing in the morning… I LOVE your blog!

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