The Week Before Christmas

And all through the house…many creatures were stirring, but none were a mouse!

This would be because of all my cats wandering around, y’see…

These same felines are the reason we do not currently have a Christmas tree.  Eight of the 10 are fairly well behaved when it comes to tempting things dangling from high places, but Taz and Haggis do not understand the concept of boundaries.  There is no ledge high enough that they will not jump.  The world is their oyster and all items their toys.  We are still debating the wisdom of throwing caution to the wind, putting softer, disposable ornaments on the bottom branches and seeing what happens…  but that might not happen this week.

Holiday plans for this week (official week ending Sunday the 23rd) are:  Some shopping ( although most of that will happen between the 26th and 28th – we’re going to see my family in San Diego that weekend and most of our shopping will be in prep for that trip); listening to Christmas carols in the evening while cooking and cleaning; at least one viewing of A CHRISTMAS STORY; and relaxing.  My main goal this holiday season is to stay relaxed.  Holidays are supposed to be joyful and happy, right?

Now if I were working on the sequel to MURDER FOR HIRE: The Peruvian Pigeon, my main character Connie would be getting ready for the holidays.  The first book takes place right before Halloween  and while I’ve got the plot basically outlines, I’m not sure how far in the future the sequel will take place.  I’d better figure this out ’cause Connie ends the book with…oh…wait.  I’d better not say anything else.  Spoilers, doncha know.

I’m looking forward to the weekend.  Dave and I are going to visit our former son Wookie (now Ned) at his new home on Saturday.  His new dad, Matt, is full of holiday spirit and just a hoot to be around.  We may go to my cousin Jon’s holiday party in Sacramento, depending on Dave’s health (he’s been battling a cold and has to be in good shape for the drive to San Diego next week).   And that’s about it for the week before Christmas.   I would be happy spending most of it hunkered down at home, cuddled under warm blankets and purring kitties, a glass of good red wine in hand.

7 thoughts on “The Week Before Christmas

  1. Merry Christmas from the Queen of Socks who’s working on a good case of carpal tunnel! I haven’t even put my ornaments up yet…. over the hall doorway to tantalize my little feline choir! All those shining globes and no way to reach that high. Heeheehee.

  2. Oh, Dani, you are cruel….and very wise! I have yet to find a place my felines can’t reach. I suspect Cirque de Soleil type acrobatics , a cooperative effort betwixt all 10 of ’em…

  3. Hi, Kat! I still need to send you a copy of the book, rigth?

    I’m looking at the third week in January to start – it’s been quite the busy holiday season so I”m a bit behind on it all. But I’m getting things together!

    Happy holidays and may your new year be fantastic!

  4. Give me a date during that week, too! I have the book and will start reading on Jan. 2nd. Have all your tour hosts sign up at the yahoo site so we can plan together; makes it more interesting for the fans. Right? Do theater groups have blogs? What about your local library? Do they host book tours?

    Hey, Happy New Year! (she said in all-caps;)


  5. I wish you a very Happy New Year. I have decided to participate in your book tour if you’ll still have me. Let me know what to do.

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