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  1. My pal Mildred, Demon Den Mom and a fellow member of the Three Mothers, is working with one of the faculty at her uni who’s writing a paper on the physiology of zombies. On her advice, they are measuring zombie speed in Romeros, with Night of the Living Dead ghouls moving at 1 Romero and I think 28 Days Later zombs moving at 4 Romeros. Mildred is the credited founder of the Inverse Law of Trailers (as immortalised in one of my academic essays).

  2. I tend to think rotting corpses would have a speed limit, lest they start breaking in strange places and falling apart during the chase. Like vampires though, people have recreated the zombie in so many ways; “infected” living “zombies” should have no problem catching up with the typical running human (although I don’t like those skewed odds). Do they really classify as zombies though, even if their behavior is similar?

  3. They are, as they say, close enough for government work to classify in that they tap into the same fears as the classic flesh eating ghoul. But no, they aren’t really zombies if we’re getting technical here. Who would have thunk so many people would actually be discussing this issue even semi-seriously? 🙂 I love it.

  4. One wonders if fast zombies would indeed leave parts of their anatomy in their wake. And would these parts regenerate in to zombie bits and join the chase?

  5. I would have to disapprove of zombie bits joining in the chase ’cause that’s unrealistic. I say that with a straight face here…

  6. I would have said I’m a slow zombie purist, but then again two of my all-time favorites are fast zombie movies “Dead Set” and the Zach Snyder remake of “Dawn of the Dead.” But bless the Ford Brothers for bringing slow zombies back with “The Dead.”
    And actually, in my weaker moments I think it WOULD be cool to see a chase scene with zombie bitlets – I think of Thing from the Addams family, and Clive Barker’s “The Inhuman Condition” – but that’s silly…

  7. Dead Set is one of the best zombie shows ever. LOVE it. But yeah, The Dead really made me realize why I love slow zombies so much. In fact, my next Titan post is probably gonna be about that movie!

    Bitlets… no, that’s just silly!

  8. So, did the shark become a Zombie shark? Talk about your relentless killer!

  9. Very funny — your reactions to the movie, that is. But dumb is what the audience wants — it makes them feel superior to the poor dolts in the cinema.

  10. I actually think the audiences would enjoy a bit more thought into their cinema… which is why I love The Dead so much!

  11. Hi Dana, love zombie movies. I prefer Dawn of the Dead to Zombie Flesh Eaters and have a peculiar fondness for the bad film Nightmare City that is always good to see every few years or so. Did you like 28 Weeks Later?

  12. Hi, Marcelle, and thanks for stopping by! Dawn of the Dead is probably my favorite all time zombie movie for all the right reasons (i.e. it’s a good movie) and I love Zombie Flesh Eaters for… well, the reasons listed in the post, both good and bad. I’ve seen Nightmare City as well (that’s the one where they burst off the plane at the beginning of the movie, right?) and it’s definitely got a place in my heart too. Especially the aerobics studio scene… that just cracked me up. And I did like 28 Weeks Later, although thought it was flawed. I want to know how Robert Carlisle zombie managed to track his kids through London there… I loved the opening scenes, though. Very powerful.

  13. If zombies were real (which they totally could be) I would think that they would eventually die out with or without blood due to our bodies being such-and-such % of water (not looking it up). Having their brains and bodies die out as though through dehydration would so give us humans the upper hand. How cool would that be? Zombies that are track stars at the beginning (who may or may not remember some things), but begin to slow down (and forget/get clumsy)(just like us humans) then start crumbling and shrinking as their brains dry out? Mummification type zombie~ Anyways, Dana. I loved your book. I bought it, read it, and reviewed it on Goodreads. I love to spread the love on books I really like, so be sure to promote yourself like crazy because you are worthy! So when do I get the next book? The movie trivia alone made me a fan. Wishing you many sales and much success 🙂

  14. Yes, a lot of horror movies frustrate me. I’m not saying I would survive in those extreme circumstances, but I would like to think I would be able to last some hair pulling and be able to outrun shamblers.

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