Random Observation for the Day

When I exited the Muni train this morning and went upstairs in the Embarcadero Station, there was a five piece ‘orchestra’ playing Sleeping Beauty’s Waltz.  Not very well, mind you.  Definitely more enthusiasm than musicality…they have a ways to go to get the sort of tightness any musical group needs to be professional.  And yet…it was utterly charming.  It brought a big old smile to my face, hearing the slightly out of time and out of tune notes of the Sleeping Beauty Waltz waft across the station and watching the enthusiasm on the faces of the musicians.

My point?

Music doesn’t always have to be perfect to be enjoyed.

3 thoughts on “Random Observation for the Day

  1. YAY! A Muni post from Zeez! I agree – i enjoy street musicians even when they are less than “professional” in their skill level – just the whole serendipitous atmosphere it creates is way cool.

  2. Exactly, MM! I love walking into the station and hearing a saxophone or guitar or whatever…it always makes me smile!

  3. Have you been to Toronto when the “Buskers” were in town? If you like street musicians then these are the best. And they’re EVERYWHERE! It’s worth the price of the trip.
    Keep up the good work, btw! LOL.

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