Puff and spider

Puff and spider

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Because I am too busy writing on three concurrent projects to conjure up a decent post, I’m happily sharing Puff photos. This is Puff attacking the fake spider web on the front door of the parents’ house. I think Puff is adorable enough to count as an honest to goodness thoughtful post, don’t you?

9 thoughts on “Puff and spider

  1. Is this the spider’s worst nightmare, or what? He’s just trying to clean the house for the Halloween Party. There is a reason that we LOVE cats. 😉

  2. Jan… Puff is a male. Isn’t that sad? NO dignity… but I agree that he needs his own space! He’s adorable…

    Luckily it’s a fake spider!

  3. For the record, *I* wanted to name him Scooter or Soot (when he was a kitten, he looked like he’d been rolling in a fireplace). My darling daughter pestered me incessantly to name him Puff…and I finally relented. Sorry, Puff.

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