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So just so you all don’t think I’ve been lazy, I’ve posted at:

Make Mine Mystery about Inspiration versus Drive (Sunday) – Valentine’s Day

Fatal Foodies about Food I Miss (Monday) – Today

Lana Griffin’s blog about zombie romance!  (Tuesday) – Tomorrow

3 thoughts on “Posting Activity

  1. Great posts today. I love coney dogs too. Sue prefers cheesecake so we pigged out at The Cheesecake factory yesterday. (They serve up pretty good main courses too.)
    And we’re also glad you love to make your living on your dreams. All of us are waiting while you serve up the next one. 🙂

  2. Wonderful post! I had to post as “anonymous” (though I signed my name art the bottom). Apparently the name didn’t make it into the final post. My fault I’m sure. I’ll have to do better next time.
    Champing at the bit for the new WIP. (I know it’will take time but I’ll be here when it’s ready.) Meanwhile take care of yourself and watch your back!!! LOL.

  3. Thanks, Jack! I saw you there and the comments are now up. There’s a lag between posting and moderation…

    I’m SO working on that WIP just for you, Jack!

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