If You’re Going to Write a Review…

…Don’t misquote the text or take it out of context, unless you really DO want to come across as either someone with an agenda or as someone wanting to be funny/clever at the expense of honest and objective reviewing.  Most authors are realistic enough to accept that not everyone will like their work, but we do have the right to expect reviewers to be honest when ‘quoting’our work.

Sigh. Just re-read a negative review of one of my books (I have my masochist hat on tonight) and while I can handle the reviewer not getting a particular referential joke, having them basically make a quote up that doesn’t even come close to what I actually wrote other than the use of a particular word just annoys the hell out of me, and makes me wonder on what planet they thought this sort of misrepresentation is okay.   

Point being, go ahead and tell me you hate my writing, but please don’t misquote me.  

5 thoughts on “If You’re Going to Write a Review…

  1. You are so right!


    Please stop re-reading bad reviews. You are too good to be torn up by an IDJIT like that. Instead re-read all the GREAT reviews you have garnered and turn back to your WRITING with the knowledge that a great many people think you are 1) funny, 2) talented, and 3) a hell of a writer. Now shush, and go write.

  2. I agree completely with Marjorie. You will be around long after this self absorbed ass hat is forgotten. It’s easier to destroy than it is to create. Now forget that drip and get busy on the writing. I’d rather read a grocery list composed by you than any drivel THIS fool puts out.
    Keep going lady! 🙂

  3. I don’t know that the reviewer is an asshat, per se, but I do wish the person had bothered to be accurate. And now not another minute will I spend worrying about it. I have no idea why the negatives are what catch our eye and hold our attention so much longer than the positives, but it’s annoying… Must. be. Positive!

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