Happy, Happy, Happy….

I have been tagged by fellow writer, Bryn Greenwood (one of the funniest and darkest writers I’ve ever read) to list six things that make me happy.  Coming from Bryn, this is kinda funny in itself.  I would have expect ‘Six Things That Make Your Skin Crawl’ (TONGUE blood, Bryn!) or ‘Six Things That Make You Want to Stab Someone’s Eyes Out.’  This happy thing…it was a surprise. Bryn’s own post on the subject was a delight to read, btw, and I highly recommend it.  So follow my links, people!

Okay.  Six things that make me happy.

1. Cats.  If you’ve followed my blog at all, this will not come as a surprise to you. I love watching them, fostering them, curling up in bed and having all my babies vie for my attention and ‘real-estate’ (I am prime real estate to these felines). I love watching them play and do all the silly, graceful and totally feline things cats do. They have kept me sane during some very dark times in my life.

2. Chocolate (’cause Bryn forgot to mention it).  Yes, I am a Chocoholic and while I don’t need to consume huge quantities at a sitting, I need my square or two of dark chocolate and/or my mocha on a daily basis.

3. Walking on the beach during almost any weather.  I don’t know if it’s the negative ions the sea air is supposed to put out there, but I am rarely happier than when strolling along the beach, scavanging for beach glass, driftwood, shells and the occasional shark tooth or animal bone.  I love watching the waves, especially the huge combers with the ‘ghost waves’ of foam breaking on top of the wave itself.  Watching surfers (and surfing myself when I can) is a joy – the casual ease of the accomplished surfer when he/she drops down into the wave…it’s like watching a Greek god.  Watch BIG WEDNESDAY for that last surfing sequence and you’ll see what I mean.

4. Bad movies.  Oh, you knew this was coming.  The badder, the better.  Not indifferent bad.  Not boring.  But gloriously, hideously, over the top horrible.  SHOWGIRLS, I love you!  Even better, though, FEMALE MERCENARIES ON ZOMBIE ISLAND.  There is nothing worse out there.

5. Reading. Anywhere, anytime.  I keep books in the bathroom at work and home.  I read when I walk anywhere, including down the hall at work to get a glass of water.  Even when I’m busting my ass to meet a writing deadline, you can be sure I’ll tuck a book or two into the schedule in those spare moments I’m not at my computer.

6. Those rare moments in life when I’m filled with such pure joy, I can barely stand it. I never know what will spark this sensation. But there are just times when I’m suffused with such happiness, I am positive everything is right with the world.

7. OMG, the fake trailers in TROPIC THUNDER.  Bwahahahahah!!!!!

7. tagging someone else!  HAHAHAHA!  I tag Marvin, Jean and Morgan! Bwahahahahah!!!!

9 thoughts on “Happy, Happy, Happy….

  1. Dana, if you want bad movies, try THE GIANT GILA MONSTER. Truly awful in the most delicious way. The gila monster doesn’t actually show up until the end, and they apparently couldn’t get the necessary permits to use a gila monster, so it’s THE GIANT BEADED LIZARD. Not nearly as frightening, huh?

  2. Thanks, Dana,
    This sounds like an easy one this time. It doesn’t even say how many people I have to tag, so I’ll probably do three.

    I’m already all set for today, so I’ll do this one probably Saturday or Sunday. You’ll know when. Some of the answers may be the same as yours.

    Morgan Mandel

  3. Chocoholic feline loving beach walking bad movie watching bwahahaha tagger, eh? LOL OK, I guess it’s been long enough since I submitted to one of these.

    Voy a tener mis seis cosas que me hacen feliz en Espíritu Libre blog mañana.

    Oh translation? http://www.spanishdict.com/

    Luv ya, toodles.

  4. How about FIRE MAIDENS FROM OUTER SPACE for a reaaaaly BAD movie?
    And just wait ’til you can write solely for a living…. May that day come soon. LOL.

  5. Gayle, I believe I have seen that back in day…but certainly worth revisiting! Thank for the hot tpi!

    Morgan, I liked this tag ’cause it was an easy one…I could have done more than six, but I figure my answers can change on a daily basis anyway!

    Marvin, you got it! 🙂 I didn’t need the translator, btw. My high school Spanish still lingers…

    Oooh, Jack, that’s a stinker! And from your computer to the publishing world’s ears…

  6. You know what makes me happy? Seeing all these posts and that archive in the right column. And all those great links. You are doing a super job here, considering that you’re working full-time and actually getting work published. You are pure dynamite, woman! Don’t just be happy, be proud!


  7. “Just can’t get enough of that wonderful Stuff” I enjoyed this post a lot. Cat’s chocolate and cheesy flicks are hi on my list too.

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