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Hee hee…the other day I received the following email from a friend of mine whom I met via Homepage of the Dead. We email occasionally, usually with advice and/or observations on how to survive the coming zombie apocalypse.

Oh, there WILL be one. Oh yes. And all of you scoffers will be sorry you didn’t figure out how to fortify your house when the time comes…


Anyway, I got this email and it cracked me up.

Hi, Dana!

I wouldn’t bother you so soon but just saw your performance in Princess Warrior. I have to admit it was loads of fun. My only complaint is that the merciless one is still alive and in fairly good condition at film’s end. I doubt the guys who arrested her kept her long. I doubt if they are even alive. (Hell she’s probably in charge of the Republican Party these days. Either that of she’s the one behind the disorder in the ranks of the D.P. Fifth columnist for the GOP maybe. Or maybe she’s just head of organized crime now that the “old Mustache Pete’s” are out of the way.) Whatever she is she’ll make the most of it.

Or maybe she’s the one who ordered the zombie virus spread by the two doofuses during your airport adventure. It would be just like her, right down to hiring the iriots who coulld have easily bungled the job. Or perhaps she intended to get rid of them as well. Her associates did seem to be on the expendible side.

I’d better stop before I become paranoid in my (relative) old age.

It was fun watching you chew the scenery especially knowing you a bit better through the Den. Just hope I never get on your bad side. Curette scares the hell out of me.

Enjoy yourself as much as you can. And if Whacky Professor Guy gives you any more trouble just let Curette out of the closet. He’ll probably leave you alone after that.

You will have noted the zombie references, I hope. Now Curette is the name of the character I played in this truly horrific movie, Princess Warrior. To find out more about it (and get more insight on why Jack’s email cracked me up, allow me to share a bit of my shameful past as a C movie actress. Click on the link, go to the bottom of the page and look for the words: ‘Dana’s jaded past as an actress.’

Back to the novel…

12 thoughts on “Email from a Friend

  1. grrr – the link didn’t work. I really wanted to see you in a bad movie – lol. Bet it wasn’t as horrid as the one I did a few years ago in Detroit – I had to skulk out of the theater in the dark before the end of the premier for fear of being identified as one of the actors in the thing! (grimace)

  2. D’oh!!! go to, go to the The Goods header and scroll down to the bottom of the page…I’ll try go get the link working in the meantime.

    Marvin…yes, it’s probably as bad, if not worse. I eman…bad.

    Dani, this is the one! Heh. I’ll find you a picture of me as Curette to keep Walken company.

  3. Well, it’s got a cute hottie in it, at least – LOL. Lovin’ it – hey, this is NOTHING to live down. At least you never got duped by an insidious first lover to star in his low-budget skin flick – ha ha. Now THAT you’d have to have left the planet by now because of. LOL

    Fun stuff. I’ll have to share some more of my skeletons someday. But, hey, girl – making us come back again because NOW you got your link working is a cheap shot – ups the comments numbers, right? Uh huh, I got your number – you ain’t foolin nobody. I gotta remember that one – tee hee.

  4. Marvin, I would NEVER be that sneaky! Well, NOW I would since you’ve given me the idea…Shame on you, I wouldn’t have thought of it otherwise. But now…heheheheheh…

    Sadly I had no one to blame but myself for flashing my hooters on screen…

    Looking forward to some of YOUR skeletons!

  5. I ain’t lookin’ forward to any more skeletons or other body parts. No thanks! Havin’ a tough time getting through this Nora Roberts novel, without real pictures of people I know. Yikes!

  6. You crack me up, Dani! There are no pictures that will cause you a maidenly blush in the link – just an essay I had published about making the movie. I promise!

  7. Good thing. I’m past maidenly blushes in the link or anywhere else. What do old crones do when they’re embarassed? Shrivel up more? Hehe. Must find out.

  8. Looks like a good time to me! Glad to hear you are preparing for the ‘coming zombie apocalypse’. A person can never be too prepared:-)

  9. Er…Morgan…I have lost count. And are we talking the originals or the remakes? And what about Day of the Dead? I am obsessed… but it’s only contagious if I bite you.

    You are so right, Charlotte! Now where the heck is your blog hiding?!!!

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