Day Twenty – Gotta Love Those Spam Comments…

I did a series of posts last year on the wacky spam comments I get in my blog moderation queue.  Most were the equivalent of something translated from Chinese to English and then back to Chinese again. I never approved the comments, but I did cut and paste them into blog posts.  

I received one today on my Day Fourteen – Writing Excerpt post (thoughtfully linked here in case you haven’t read it) that cracked me up so much it made it easy for me to decide what Day Twenty would hold.  Prepare to be bloodless and all-a-quiver!  


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I'm on the 1st day of a auto detox weight-reduction plan plan. I haven’t had a
activity to eat all day and I’m STARVING!! I can't accede how participants say
that they didn't feel ardent bold this. I’m aswell a bit bloodless and
all-a-quiver and like I said, that is deserted the anterior day. I’m not a
abounding abandoned or large eater either. I’m not complete how broadcast I wil
last. At the means of the day I'm appetite myself which can’t be an ready thing.
I’ll try to stick at it though, I’m simply avaricious that the blackout and weak
point is touring to carelessness or I cannot accumulate the adeptness to
administer on my plan on Monday.

4 thoughts on “Day Twenty – Gotta Love Those Spam Comments…

  1. I wonder if we could plug this into babblefish and get a spam-English translation?

  2. In psychiatry this kind of stuff is called “word salad” and is typical of the writings/rantings of unmedicated schizophrenics. I love how the words almost seem like they should make sense, but they don’t.

  3. Interesting, Marcy! I always wonder if these comments are generated by a program or if someone is actually typing them…

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