Day Ten – Hanging Out at the Cathouse

A very obliging peacock, one of many living at EFBC-FCC (Exotic Feline Breeding Facility/Feline Conservation Center).  I have named him Zoolander for his willingness to model for me and his rendition of “Blue Steel” and “Tiger.”  We tried for Magnum, but he said it wasn’t quite ready for public viewing…

2 thoughts on “Day Ten – Hanging Out at the Cathouse

  1. Peacocks are one of the things that completely freak me out (although, yes,I am in awe of their handsome display of color).

    I had a nightmare once where a Peacock went rabid and I never know if they are nice or not.

    (Crocodiles are another thing that freak me out…)

  2. Crocs I totally get – they are scary. Peacocks… well, the ones at the compound won’t bug you if you don’t bug them. but any bird has the potential to do some damage!

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