6 thoughts on “Cover for eBook release of A PLAGUE ON ALL HOUSES

  1. I like the crouching lady (panther?) She actually looks more scary than the zombie lujrching in the background. Hope the fellow with the automatic weapon keeps his “third eye” on her at all times.
    Thank you both for the birthdau wishes btw. The zombies (thanks to Walking Dead have already made it brighter. 🙂

  2. Nandi was the gal who ran the House ‘o Ill Repute, yes?

    Jack, she looks like she’s mooning the zombie, which makes me giggle…

  3. Yes, that’s Nandi. She was also a dominatrix on an old CSI episode, which I found amusing.

  4. ROTFLMAO! Oh Dana, I was hoping you were exaggerating, but nope…that “zombie” looks like nothing more than a man walking in the rain whose eyes got caught in the red-light flash.

    Here’s to hoping the other publisher will get it right.

  5. I think my poor little zombie looks very lonely and kind of like he’s hoping Ashley and Gabriel will invite him to play… 🙂

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