Come visit me on Fatal Foodies, with a special guest!

Nadia Gordon, author of the Sunny McCoskey mysteries, is my guest on Fatal Foodies today. Stop by and say hello!

And don’t forget, Wednesday is Ravenous Romance Day on Unbound, with the lovely Sephera Giron!  I’ll post a reminder and the direct link beforehand, but add it to your calendars!

Other news, Mugatu was adopted this Saturday by a very lovely woman who lives nearby and has three other cats to keep our little girl company.  Two more to go.  Friday is the big day to get them fixed – did I mention thank you to everyone who donated?

Thank you!     

4 thoughts on “Come visit me on Fatal Foodies, with a special guest!

  1. Great to see you at FF! However the site wouldn’t let me post a response to the interview (presumably because I don’t have a Google account.) Guess I’ll have to remedy that but it’s annoying.
    Definitely looking forward to Wednesday’s Unbound. It’ll be great as usual.
    And thank you for keeping us informed about the fur babies.
    The best of times ahead to you all. LOL. 🙂

  2. Jack, I think you can post as anonymous there too, but sometimes the blogger sites are hinky and act up. Thanks for visiting!

    Morgan, that was when Mugatu was living with Maureen in her bathroom. Not sure WHAT they did. Heh.

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