6 thoughts on “Champagne Release Date -Updated!

  1. The day you write something without your signature sense of humor will be the day you die…and then then we’ll probably hear you laughing hysterically at our foolishness from Somewhere. LOL. 😉

  2. If you loved “Ripping the Bodice” (and honestly, who didn’t?) I think you’re in for a real treat with “Champagne.” If you want a sneak peek at the original opening chapter, you can read it it the new “I Kissed a Girl” anthology (which is also brilliant, BTW!) Champagne is sensual, delicious and intoxicating – be it the region, the wine and now, the Book. C’est Magnifique!

  3. A very interesting anthology for anyone who ever wondered: what it’s like to wake up during surgery (I nearly had that rather unique experience-luckily someone caught the fact that I was awake, and then I wasn’t); what it’s like to assist at a suicide; what it’s really like inside a cemetery vault; and several further explorations into the shadowy world of human experience.
    Glad to see “Hell On Heels” made it into print, Dana. Should land a body blow to anyone who thinks of stripper as merely sex toys devoid of personality or even soul.
    But I must say that the essay which impressed me the most was the visit to Auschwitz. I really have no words here…It must be read to be understood.
    Thanks for allowing me so much space here. It’s worth the reading.

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