Break from posting

Our little boy is ill. Haggis, the most adorable little cat anyone could have, has dry FIP and will not be with us much longer. It’s been a tough week of vet visits and bad news. We’re spending the weekend taking turns holding him, giving him love and making sure he’s comfy. He’s on prednisone, still eats if we coax him, and purrs when we pet him…but it’s just a matter of time. Both Dave and I are in a weird twilight zone of denial and grief.
Anyway…I’ll be back and will start posting regularly, but right now it’s all about Haggis and seeing him out properly. He will be missed more than I can even begin to imagine right now.  Haggis at 4 months

8 thoughts on “Break from posting

  1. He really is one of the most amazing guys I’ve ever met. I wish you could have had more time together. He will be missed.

  2. I’m so sorry…it doesn’t matter how many fur babies we have, it doesn’t get any easier when it’s time for them to leave us.

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  4. Thanks, everyone… He’s still taking food without a fuss (opens his mouth like a little baby bird once we rub a little of the A/D on his mouth and he realizes it’s there), taking his prednisone and his bodily functions are working. I was peed on today… 🙂 I don’t mind as long as he’s not in pain. And I don’t think he is. His sister Taz likes to wash him and is currently curled up next to him. But oh, this hurts…

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