Blogging on Fatal Foodies Today

28 weeks later

Finally coming out of blogging quarantine, getting my butt in gear (or my butt in the chair and my FINGERS in gear) and posting again!  Today it’s about the difficulty of getting back into writing when one takes a break and whether or not recipes in the middle of a murder mystery are a GOOD thing or not!

5 thoughts on “Blogging on Fatal Foodies Today

  1. As long as it’s not a recipe for Arsenic Souffle or Dead Rattatouille it could be a good thing. 😉 Always glad to see you back but if you need time off TAKE IT!!! We will ALWAYS be here when you are ready. LOL.

  2. I also enjoyed your reading of your MC article on the LiveJournal website.
    You don’t have to prove yourself—to anyone! Your quality is an open book. You have made a BIG difference. LOL. 🙂

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