Best. Female. Character. EVER!


Just saying…

I want to grow up to be Ellen Ripley.  Except without all the gooey aliens always popping up.  Y’know, the kind of person who, despite personal fear, does the right thing.  Hijacks the transport from the gormless officer and barrels through a wall to save the Marines. Goes after the little girl against all odds that the little squirt’s even still alive. Looks good without makeup and covered with grime.  Thinks on her feet.

Yup, I wanna be Ellen Ripley when I grow up.

9 thoughts on “Best. Female. Character. EVER!

  1. I’m scared a YOU! LOL

    I love the Gourney too. I actually had a chance to do bit part in a made for Lifetime TV movie she was the star in – it was filmed in Detroit. She’s very down to earth, not a snobby star at all, and works hard at her craft. I liked her right away as a person.

  2. Ditto! She demonstrates an inner strength which most males ought to envy. And, boy, can she kick ass! LOL.

  3. Heh. I’m not THAT scary, MM! Although I do have the ability to channel my inner Ripley when needed. I met Ms. Weaver (the Gourney…heee!) at the 20th anniversary showing of ALIEN – a lot of the cast members for Alien and Aliens were there and it was just a blast. And after Galaxy Quest…she can do no wrong!

    Jack, I agree!

    Morgan, it’s never too late to say ‘Get away from her, you BITCH!’ in appropriate occasions!

  4. Of course, you know why the original Ripley was such a kick-ass character? Because the part was written as male. Then Signorney got cast, and thankfully they didn’t make her all wimpy.

    She is a real role model, I mean as far as female images in the movies.

    I saw her once sitting in a studio commissary, no makeup, wearing sweats, and she looked fabulous.

  5. And I just love in the first movie that she rises about a totally panicky moment and does something practical. Yes, you’re scared, so scared you want to pee in your freaky 1970’s hiphugger panties, but you’re going to put on that space suit and kill that monster. Love that whole scene. (And she went back for the cat.)

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