And the winners are…

And we actually have FOUR winners ’cause two pieces of paper stuck together when I pulled ’em out of the hat!  So…in order of winnage:





Thanks to everyone who took the time to follow my tour and I hope whether you’ve won it or buy it that you enjoy MURDER FOR HIRE: The Peruvian Pigeon!

4 thoughts on “And the winners are…

  1. Thank you, Kat! I seriously thought about tossing both names back in the hat and drawing for a new one, but it seemed wrong. So… I figure it won’t kill me to give away an extra copy!

    Nessa…not sure, but it’s a likely scenario! I’d just baked gluten/wheat free brownies (and man, are they yummy!) and I DID have some goo on my finger… hmmm…

  2. In order? You were just savin’ the best for last! So I only won cuz I was stuck to the udder one? Holy Dangling Chad, Batman, our luck has turned!


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