A Good Way to Start the Morning…

I had to take my beloved car into the Santa Rosa Saturn dealership this morning so I was up at 6am and out the door before 7:00.  It was cold, overcast and rainy with occasional flashes of bright blue sky between some pretty intimidating winter clouds (“Yeah, blue sky?  You think you’re gonna hang out on our turf?! ).  When I drove across the Golden Gate Bridge, I glanced to the left (the ocean side of the bridge) and spotted an entire rainbow arching from the middle of the bridge to the northern side, no breaks in the arch at all.  It was hard to take my eyes off it, but since I didn’t want to end up as an ironic headline (“Woman drives car off GG Bridge while marveling at the beauty of a rainbow”), I paid attention (mostly) to the road in front of me.   I did, however, as I broke into a rousing rendition of Look to the Rainbow as I noticed the northern end of the rainbow, which I could see vanishing into the ground, shifted as I drove (taking that elusive pot of gold with it, no doubt!), skittering over the landscape until it finally came to the entrance of a tunnel on Highway 1.   The Rainbow Tunnel.  

I’ve remained in a good mood ever since. 🙂

5 thoughts on “A Good Way to Start the Morning…

  1. Sounds like a splendid omen for your future as both a writer and a person. 🙂 The only thing better would have been a double rainbow. (Which, in a way, it WAS!) Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. I didn’t take the photo, but it captured the look of what I saw pretty damn well!

    Heh. jack, it TOTALLY was a double rainbow!

  3. “What does it meaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnn?!”

    Hehe. Kidding aside, that’s awesome – I love seeing rainbows. Sounds like a beautiful start to the week!

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