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Time Shards Reviews – Book One

@ Nicole Evans of Erlebnisse:

“So, here’s my honest review, in one sentence:

I didn’t even get halfway through this book before I started telling my friends they need to read it.”

“First of all, that premise. It’s one that makes your head hurt (in a good, challenging way) and makes you desperate to find out more, because you just want to know what’s happening, how it happened and what they are going to do to fix it. Then, you pair it with the way the book was written, through multiple POVs throughout multiple points in time, jumping back and forth between life before the Event and just after the Event occurred, creating the time shards everyone is stuck in.”

“Throughout the entire book, I couldn’t stop thinking about how clever it was (in every sense a compliment)…I also really enjoyed the attention to detail, especially the more gritty or uncomfortable ones. There were multiple times when I squirmed in my seat and a very distinct moment–when we learn the truth behind a character’s background–where I said, “No fucking shit,” as I was reading, literally bouncing up out of my seat in a mixture of horror and shock, before I continued.”

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@ fromMark Wilsonauthor of the dEaDINBURGH series and Lanarkshire Strays novels:

“Time shards is technically accomplished, smart, visceral and is by far the most creative novel I’ve had the pleasure to read this year. This book had me tearing through the pages in the daytime and dreaming about being in Fitzgerald and Fredsti’s kaleidoscopic world during my sleeping hours.”

“Forget what you think this book will be about, these are writers who defy all convention; displaying a reverence for pop-culture, tight plotting, excellent characterization and throwing cross-genre elements around like confetti.”

“… the novel benefits from two writers who play to their strengths and compliment each other perfectly.”

“As the main characters, and plotlines, converge Fitzgerald and Fredsti seamlessly blend their narratives whilst losing none of the distinctiveness, guiding the reader skilfully to the climax. This isn’t an easy thing to accomplish and demonstrates each writers’ skill and ingenuity.”

“By the novel’s close, the reader is given an unexpected and thrilling conclusion, and one hell of a hook into book 2.”

“An absolute monster of a novel by two accomplished writers who are as comfortable demonstrating their considerable skill, as they are trampling across genre and messing with your expectations.”

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@ from Lair of the Geek!

In keeping with the overarching plot of the book lets begin at the end and work backwards (or forwards….who knows). Its great, quite frankly it is one of the best page turning novels I have had the pleasure to read in a long time, the last few chapters pick up the pace of what is a very well written and paced book.That being said lets get down to brass tacks.

The first few chapters introduce you to the main two characters Amber a 21st century young lady attending a anime convention and Cam the young celt warrior who at the start is currently not enjoying his day, little does he know how much worse its going to get for him. Alternating the time line the first two chapters introduce them with just enough detail to piques your interest and spur you onward to delve further into their characters.

Then ‘it’ happens. One page, One paragraph. Time shatters!.

Then the book shifts gear plunging you down into the rabbit hole of broken time lines introducing you to the wide and varied moments of time breaking like a stained glass window, throughout it manages to be horrific with out being gory, creates high tension and moments when you just need to remind yourself to take a breath.The chapters roll on by effortlessly, progressing the plot, even the well dispersed breakaway chapters do not detract from this but instead add to the ‘what on earth just happened’ feeling you have.

Before you realise it you’re three quarters of the way through it and still really none the wiser as to what happened or how, even if by now you have been introduced to the rest of the rag tag bunch of ‘survivors’ including Blake the stiff upper lipped British Soldier from World War 2 who by now has at least redeemed himself from your previous assumptions about him.

The ending is suitably climatic and the Juxtaposition of the cultural clashes over the time periods is well handled and thought out as are the descriptions regarding creatures that now roam through such a stitched together landscape.

Overall the book will leave you wanting more from this pair of writers.

Would I recommend this – Yes with out hesitation.
Who would I recommend it for – young teens and upwards there are enough references to pop culture to suit almost any age.

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@From Doreen Sheridan of The Frumious Consortium:

“Really liked it … I’m a little leery of time-travel shenanigans right now…Fortunately for me, Time Shards came along at the perfect moment to prevent me from giving up on the genre altogether.”

“ I also really liked how well-researched everything felt, from the history to the science: when the guy who maybe possibly caused all this explains what he’s done and what the consequences still might be, I totally went with it. I’m not the kind of person who demands absolute scientific accuracy and realism in my fiction, but I do have some standards, and Time Shards delivers.”

“ I’m really quite excited to see where this goes next!”

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@ from Abi’s Book Reviews:


I got a press release from Titan Books about Time Shards, and I instantly intrigued although I do not normally go for sci-fi.

People are going about their normal lives, when they see a brilliant light and hear an horrific noise. The world shatters and is reformed, shards of time mixed with a barren landscape. Amber is left in a dry riverbed and she decides to walk back to Romford through the grass, she is rescued by Blake who takes charge of what they should do and where they should go, but everything is different and survival becomes very important.

I really did not know what to expect as I have not read a book anything like this before, but I was surprised at how quickly I got into it and I really enjoyed it. I went through a lot of emotions, and some of my colleagues were laughing at me for the horror on my face at one point.

My favourite part has to be once Amber is in London and when the action gets moving a bit quicker. Once I got into it, I was hooked. I loved all the different timelines merging into one and how people from different times can actually work together. I really enjoyed the parts as time split and we saw famous people throughout history seeing the Event.

My favourite characters have to be Amber and Cam, along with Alex, Merlin and Nell. I loved how each was different like a ‘normal’ book but they were also so perfect for the time period that they came from, and how they were shocked at different things like victorians being shocked at new technology.

Time Shards does end on a cliffhanger, that it is because it is the first in a trilogy, unfortunately we do not know a title or release date for the second book yet.

While reading this book, I described it as pieces of time coming together and people trying to work out what has happened. I would recommend to older teenagers and adults. 4 out of 5.

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@  From Paul Dale Anderson, author of Abandoned, Wind, and Darkness:

Time Shards By Dana Fredsti and David Fitzgerald (Titan Books, February 2018) is the fast-paced kind of rip-roaring sf adventure Doctor Who fans will love. It’s set in England and includes a time-traveling doctor of astrophysics called Merlin capable of regeneration when killed and whose companions this episode are a present-day American college-age girl named Amber, an American journalist from the 1890s who calls herself Nellie Bly, a British WWII-era SAS commando named Blake, a bumbling Oxford professor who’s both a coward and a fraud, and a displaced Celtic Druid named Cam who speaks only archaic Welsh or Gaelic, plus a smattering of imperial Latin.
Amber, attending a cosplay convention in England, is ill-prepared to survive the cataclysmic event that first shatters earth’s time-line and then jams broken pieces back together in random order. Now dinosaurs roam the English countryside, Cromwell’s roundheads burn witches at the stake, and giant scorpions prowl the woods.
Amber stumbles from one horror into another, only to be saved at the last possible moment by Blake or Nellie or Cam or Merlin.

Cam thinks Amber’s a faery queen when they first meet because of her cosplay costume. Although he’s technically two thousand years older than her, they appear to be the same age and he becomes enamored of her charms.   Stearne, a 17th-century roundhead witch-finder, believes her a witch because of her costume. He spends half the book trying to torture her or pursuing Amber and her companions to tie them all to stakes and burn them as witches.
The story is a wonderful blend of adventure and history lesson that’s a joy to read. My only disappointment came during the final pages when it was evident I would need to buy at least one more book in the series to learn all the answers and find resolution. Can Doctor Merlin restore the time-line? Will technology be the savior of mankind or its destroyer? Inquiring minds want to know, and I will buy the next book because I love the characters and care about what happens next.

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@ From My Book Abyss:

“Oh. My. Goodness! Fan-freakin-tastic!”

“This team of authors did a wonderful job, each applying their individual skills into the characters and plot to create a genuine work of art.  They’re bloody genius! The plot was definitive and strong, each twist and turn necessary to its success while the pace drove the story forward idealizing an innovative style of writing with pop-culture references, strong motivations and building tension that didn’t let up.”

“The world, the world, the world! So intricately pieced together in both a fascinating complexity, and a provocative paradox, the world these two created was bound seamlessly to the characters’ goals which were constantly being tested and driven to an exhilarating conclusion and succession. The characters were so intricately created, intertwined together out of necessity for the stories success, yet, perfectly faulted, flawed and bordered on the insane for what they were forced to endure. Each pivotal moment of their development was strife with struggle, angst and tension.”

“Although the book flashed through different times from past to present, this was done carefully and fleshed out to the tiniest detail.   It has everything you want in a book like this…”

“If I could give a rating out of ten for technical set-up, I would give eleven stars… It was that good! There wasn’t anything I could find wrong with pace, plot, arc development, style, POVs, etc.  Everything was done excellently!”

“I highly recommend this book to all.”

“This book earned: 5 of 5 stars, and A+”

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@ From Mike Reads:

“…if you are looking for an action filled story that will have you gripped to the ever end, then look no further because Time Shardshas everything you need.”

“…the writing flowed perfectly throughout the book and the authors writing seemed to compliment each other really well. Both authors have a way of drawing all your attention in, and rewarding you with an epic story that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Both of the writers must have sat down and fully develop this story because everything is rich in detail and so well thought out.”

“I loved the originality of the story and how the plot unfolded. The synopsis reads like it’s an action film or a sci-fi TV show instead of a bookboth the authors have managed to tell the story perfectly and was a joy to read… The details in each scene make it so easy to visualize everything that is happening, and it does feel like you are reading a blockbuster film.”

“I would recommend this to all readers that love an epic action, adventure story with a sci-fi twist. Time Shardsis a fascinating read that is well developed, well thought out and very well written. I cannot wait to see what is next for our group of characters, but if its anything like this book, then it will be an awesome read.”

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@ Seattle Book Review – 5 star review!



Dana Fredsti and David Fitzgerald blend together horror, science fiction, and a dystopian perspective for a riveting adventure. 

The world as we know it is overrun by moments from throughout time in an array of shards. In the 21st century, Amber relishes her life until a sudden flash of light finds her in a strange new world where she’s hunted by dire wolves. She meets a Celtic warrior named Cam who quickly becomes a trusted ally. As the two encounter other survivors, they band together against prehistoric creatures and ancient armies. If they’re to survive this new reality, they’ll have to trust a mysterious stranger who may be the key to saving the world.

Time Shards has a wide range of unusual and layered characters from every time period. Each character is both a product of their time and a contrast to it, from the kindhearted warrior to the spunky female reporter from the 1800s to the bubbling scientist from the future. Cam is the biggest contrast to his time period, being a Celtic warrior who’s a compassionate and gentle person. Amber is an empathetic character who adds an emotional layer to the story. She’s the only modern character, so it’s her perspective that allows for a personal connection to form. Dana Fredsti and David Fitzgerald blend together horror, science fiction, and a dystopian perspective for a riveting adventure.

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@ Aaron Shedlock, Voice Artist

“Dana Fredsti & David Fitzgerald blew me away with TIME SHARDS! A cool blend of History and Sci-Fi where I was able to really push myself with character voices and narration styles. Published by Tantor Audio! This is one of those amazing stories you can’t help but read all in one sitting. It just grabs a hold and doesn’t let go until it’s over.”




@from Literary Wisdom

5 out of 5 stars

Where do I begin?!? This was epic on so many levels. This is the first time in so long that I have finished a book and thought No! I need more. I simply didn’t want it to end.

At the start of the book there were different points of view and then as the chapters go on you find that the characters intertwine. I LOVED the plot, it was so well written and flowed perfectly. The Shards were intertwined and I loved reading and seeing all the different characters meet throughout the story. There were a lot of movie references that I loved.

I didn’t get confused by the different characters and found that I connected with some of the characters. Amber was a good character but she did annoy me at times. I enjoyed Cam and his progression was great. All the other characters made a great addition to the story.

I loved the time travel elements in this book and I can’t wait for the next book.

I highly recommend this well thought, well written awesome book that you not only devour but it leaves you wanting more!

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(Audio Book review) From “Blodeuedd,” Book Girl of Mur-y-Castell

My thoughts:

Time is crazy, I mean to even try to think about this. Mind blown. Time shattered. This took place in the future. And now that future is gone and everything that has been has been thrown together like a patchwork quilt. Everything else…who knows. Gone? Never existed? Tiny fragments, bigger fragments. A coffee shop from 1993. A town from 1642. A swamp from the Jurassic Era. Woven together. So you might walk down a road and you are actually walking through different eras, but now they all exist at once. Like father time took things from here and there and made a new world.

Amber attended a Con and is now stuck and has no idea what the F happened. She is a nerd (love that), she is resourceful, kind and well just wants to get the h out of here. I liked her.

We meet a few others on the way too. Cam, a Celtic warrior, who just wants to get home to his village. Poor guy, everyone he meets does not speak his language.

A scientist who says he has answers. A soldier who wants to do good. And a whole lot of Cornwellian soldiers with a zealot in their midst. I say that this new world would have been much much better without them!!! And more than that I won’t spoil. But think about it, not many made it, we as a race are young. A lot more came before.

Dinosaurs, prehistoric monsters, there are dangers lurking everywhere.

And the book was intense! At one time I was all, I hope this will not give me nightmares! What a hellscape to be stuck in. And you can think that there was a lot of action since so much is out to get you.

Final thoughts:

A good book with one crazy new world

About the narrator, Aaron Shedlock

I really enjoyed his voice. He was perfect for this and he made this one guy sooo creepy. Shivers ran down my spine. In a good way.

A nice range and he kept the up the speed

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From Geek Dad: 5 Reasons to Read 5 Great Books – June 2018 Edition

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What’s it about?

Time has been ripped apart and crashed back together almost randomly.

Why Read it?

For its riotous and somewhat preposterous storyline.

It’s tempting to call Time Shards a guilty pleasure. It won’t be winning any literary prizes. Yet, as I move towards my fiftieth year, I’ve realized I’ve been finding pleasure in the same kinds of book I read in my fifteenth. I’ve become more motivated by plot and action. Time Shards has both in abundance.

The premise really is ridiculous. Time has been fragmented, the earth shattered and reforged with bits of different eras all wodged together to make some sort of terrifying temporal tapestry. Set in the suburbs of London (Romford, Essex) giving the book a vague feeling of H.G. Wells, the book’s central character Amber has just been to a comic con when a timequake hits. Being dressed as fantasy priestess will rather complicate things later.

As Amber travels across the ravaged land, at first searching for London, she finds, amongst other things, a primordial swamp with roving dinosaurs, battlefields populated by implacable roundheads, a Celtic warrior, and a policewoman from the 1980s. The novel features a rich cast of misfits drawn from across time, past, present, and future. Somehow they must work together to reconfigure time. If that wasn’t bad enough, the reader knows there’s a serial killer on the loose too.

Time Shards is great fun from start to finish. It’s the first in a series and delivers a jolt of unpretentious entertainment.